Media statement by the legal team of the Chief Justice

| by Saliya Pieris

For and on behalf of the lawyers for the Chief Justice

(December 8, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Government Information Department has announced that the parliamentary select committee has called several witnesses to give evidence against the Chief Justice within the course of today  going onto the night. Until the Chief Justice and her counsel walked out of the Select Committee yesterday it was maintained by the Committee that no oral evidence will be led and despite our demands to cross examine the witnesses we were not given the list of witnesses or documents and were told that there will be no witnesses called. This same observation has been made by the Opposition Members of the Select Committee today at 2.30 pm, according to the statement issued by them.
We now find that after the Chief Justice and her lawyers walked out of the Select Committee, the Committee has called for witnesses and led their evidence. We understand that all those witnesses were summoned today (the 7th ) after the lawyers walked out. It appears to us that as long as the Chief Justice and her lawyers were present witnesses would not have been called. We are shocked to find that witnesses have been hurriedly summoned and their evidence led, taking advantage of the absence of the Chief Justice and her lawyers who were prepared to cross examine each and every witness in order to expose the truth. In fact the lawyers demanded that the witnesses be called, demanded a list of witnesses and document and demanded that the procedure be laid down, all of which were refused.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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