Mothers are Feelers and Fathers are Thinkers

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( May 05, 2012, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today is Full Moon day in April as per Tamil Hindu Calendar. We call it Chithrai Paruvam. (Chithrai = April; Paruvam = Full Moon ) This day is dedicated to Mothers who have passed away. Special celebrations happen at most Amman (Divine Mother) temples.
Mothers take care of their children through their feelings rather than their thoughts. Hence I usually say mothers are feelers and fathers are thinkers. Generally speaking I would say that those who undergo pain before pleasure are feelers and pleasure before pain are thinkers.
When mother turns her emotions inwards they become feelings with Divine Power. This Divine Power helps Mother take care of her children through Natural Forces. When the Mother knows intuitively that the child is in trouble, a mother with inner feelings is able to protect that child. As the child grows, if the mother participates in the child’s grooming by regulating the pleasures enjoyed by the child, by including herself in that regulated path – this inner divinity to heal through feelings is strengthened. Children growing up within this circle of Natural Energy, would be supported and protected by inner powers. Such children would be able to merge with their environments without needing external knowledge and calculated thoughts. Children who reject such motherly forces, lose the protection of Nature to that extent.
These feelings-based inner forces protect and support us even after our mothers pass away. We believe that when we perform last rites towards merging the souls of our mothers with Divinity, they become part of those Divine Powers and we are able to access Divine Powers through our mothers. Celebrations on auspicious days such as today, help strengthen this Power. The minds of all those who genuinely perform the common rituals would empower us when we also perform those rituals genuinely. During those times, whatever we seek genuinely with belief will be realized.
When a mother is able to naturally cure herself of a disease / ailment – it protects her children also naturally. Mothers who control and regulate their pleasures during young days, have this curing power to a greater extent than others. Children blessed by them would enjoy good life.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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