Name of Prabhakara​n would be remembered for next 3000 years

Bahu`s tribute to VP

( April 20, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) When compared with President Mahinda Rajapakse, Prabhakaran loved his country very much.
Name of Prabhakaran would be remembered for next 3000 years, said Vickramabahu Karunarathne municipal council member of the Dehiwala- Galkissa Municipal Council.
During an interview with the Uthayan newspaper CMC member went on to say, Prabhakaran struggled for rights of his own soil. Entire family of Parabahkaran sacrificed their lives for the rights of their soil.
Prabhakaran always fought to protect the rights and resources of Tamil people. We do not accept his policies. but he was a great liberation leader.
He was not a betrayer. Name of Prabhakaran would be remembered for next 3000 years. No one has the right to erase his name form the history. President Rajapaksa earns money by selling the resource of our country to lords of international capitol. However Prabhakaran always respected his motherland.
Now people do not want show their national patriotic loyalty by organizing protest campaigns in the country said the Vickramabahu Karunarathne.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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