No LTTE camps in Tamil Nadu: DGP

| PTI News

( April 02, 2012, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) A Sri Lankan newspaper item on existence of three LTTE camps in the state, which reportedly trained 150 cadres of the banned outfit, was termed as “totally baseless” by Tamil Nadu Police on Monday.
“There are no such training camps in Tamil Nadu. Some time back a similar report surfaced in Sri Lanka and later it was retracted by seeking to put the blame falsely on the Indian media,” DGP K Ramanujam said in a statement here.
He said the news item stated that over 150 LTTE cadres underwent special arms training in three secret camps in Tamil Nadu and then returned to Sri Lanka disguised as fishermen to carry out a destabilisation campaign.
Ramanujam said militant and extremist organisations remain banned in the state, while a strict vigil is maintained to curb overt and covert activities.
“Any activist identified is lodged in a special camp. There is therefore no question of any training camps functioning or being allowed to function in Tamil Nadu,” he added.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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