Sri Lanka’s ruling party lawmakers protest against the US- backed UN resolution.

l by Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

(April 08, 2012, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) While we are voting in various ways on the UN Resolution, the victims of war seem to be taking second place in our minds. Those who are committed to helping these victims are going about their service but they are in the minority. Neither side leaders are analyzing the relevance of the substance of the LLRC report and the UN Resolution based on the LLRC report. One may identify with the importance through the cause and/or the effects. Since the cause of the LLRC report is not transparent in terms of objectively/independently measurable input, one has to rely on the effects through independently measurable outcomes. Where there is a particular system to measure / assess and know the connection, one is obliged to use that system. Where there is no such system, we need to use the Truth we know within.
As a global level participant, I read the outcomes of the LLRC report through the UN Resolution. According to this, the status of Sri Lanka has been reduced because it separated itself from the ‘common’ to act as if it was Equal to the higher investors in the UN. Sri Lanka’s status might have been low prior to the LLRC report but if one kept close to the ‘common’ status – one would not have been defeated. The fact is that Sri Lankan Government demoted itself at UN level when it acted under the claim of Sovereignty/Equal to any other member of the UN. By failing to value the ‘freedom’ of the individual, the Sri Lankan Government lost the protection of Truth and therefore Sovereignty. In other words, the Sri Lankan Government used the name of Sovereignty in vain. USA on the other hand has invested enough in the UN values to claim leadership position at that level. Hence it got the opportunity to discipline Sri Lanka. Truth manifested Itself to protect and support those who valued and upheld the Truth.
If the Sri Lankan Government had believed that it was its duty to eliminate the LTTE to unite civilian Sri Lankans, the effects would have confirmed this. The LLRC had the opportunity to lead the government in that direction but without the UN Resolution the report of the LLRC would have been just a cover to distract people from the Truth. It would also have been an insult to the Victims of War who come in all shapes and forms and are all over the world – some not even being conscious of the long term effects of their loss.
The report ‘Gandhi, Vipulananda, Poet Periyathampi, Baden-Powell desecrated in Batticaloa’ published in Sri Lanka Guardian states ‘The statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vipulananda, Pulavarma’ni Periyathampi-pi’l’lai and Baden-Powell revered by Tamils in Batticaloa, have been desecrated and destroyed in the early hours of Friday. The statues of Gandhi and the founder of Scout Movement Robert Baden-Powell are located near the clock tower in the city centre. Renowned Tamil scholar and Hindu reformer Swami Vipulananda and Tamil Poet Pulavarma’ni Periyathampi Pi’l’lai, both were born in the Eastern Province. All the four statues are located within the perimeters of the high security area manned by the Police and the Army in the city. The latest desecration of statues comes as a result of anti-Indian and anti-western sentiments shown by the occupying Sinhala forces in the East, political observers said.’
I recall the sharing of our dear friend Sunthu (Kulothungasuntharam of Thellipalai) of the message from Swami Vipulananda – which in essence says that the Lord does not seek the white flower nor any other flower but our lotus-heart. The desecration of the above stated statues happening on Good Friday confirms again that the authorities in charge of Law and Order in Batticaloa – are the parallels of those who tortured Jesus Christ. THAT is how the Truth surfaced through the UN Resoultion. The Lord of Peace did not seek the LLRC report nor any other report but our hearts filled with feelings for our own people.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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