One killed, two more abducted in Balochistan after government call to rebellion for negotiation

( February 29, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) The central spokesman of Baloch Republican Party’s (BRP),Sher Mohammad Bugti in a recent statement said that Pakistan’s military aggression continue in Balochistan. On one hand Pakistani politicians pretend to be willing for talks with Balochs and plays the drama of removing cases against Baloch leaders but on the other hand its forces continue their genocidal policies against Baloch nation.
Mr.Bugti said Pakistani forces are carrying out major offensives against innocent civilians in Dera Bugti region of Balochistan,and have violated the privacy of many houses during the raids; previous day Pakistani occupying forces raided the house of Baloch Republican Party leader in ZenKoh area of Dera Bugti.
Pakistani forces extra-judicially killed the aged leader Jan Mohammad Ramezai Bugti and abducted his sons and brothers and shifted all of them to an undisclosed location. The forces also harassed the women and children of his family and looted all the livestocks and other valuables of the house.
We have already said that Baloch have no hope of any good from the brutal state and its forces.The government’s mere claims are just to confuse the world and to hide their crimes in Balochistan.International Community must intervene in Balochistan without any further delay to stop ongoing genocide of Baloch nation,and also support us to regain our independence


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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