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Sri Lanka’s 64th Independence Day celebrations amidst the growing emergence of Indo-American, British and Zionist imperialism

 Sri Lanka needs to move to the next phase of protecting our peoples and keeping our nation intact or we will end up with no Sinhalese or Tamil identities for this matter throughout our country if the likes of India, Britain, USA and Israel of the new order imperialist nations have it their own way.

l by Nesan Shankar Raji 

(February 04, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today we celebrate Sri Lanka’s 64th year of independence from the British colonial imperialists. However it is important for us as Sri Lankans to open our eyes wide and take note of the ground realities which has taken effect on our island nation since our “so called” independence.
Questions have often arisen as to whether we Sri Lankan’s had really won our national freedom from the hands of the then bankrupt British imperial colonialists unlike our neighbour India.
During India’s struggle for their independence the entire nation was united irrespective of religion, caste or creed led by the Congress National Party, Indian National Army (INA) led by Subhash Chandra Bose and many Indian leftist movements who were ultimately responsible for winning India’s hard earned independence from the British.
However with Mahatma Gandhiji’s increasing pro-Hindu stance and the failure of the Indian National Congress to win the hearts and minds of the Muslims of pre-independent India this played into the hands of the then British imperialist strategists under Lord Mountbatten who advised Jinnah accordingly which led the emergence of East and West Pakistan with India stuck in the middle.
The irony is that had there been no World War II leading to the likes of Aldof Hitler, the British colonial imperialists may have possibly ruled over both India and Ceylon as it was known then for at least a few more decades.
The fact of the matter is that then then and now bankrupt Britain was unable to maintain its vast colonial empire and Britain was unable to cope with the growing emergence of revolutionaries around the world who became anti-imperialist including some who had adopted Marxism which also formed the foundations for the call for independence in many of its colonies worldwide.
With reference to Pakistan which was create and divided as East and West with India stuck in the middle was of course going to be a disaster from the very beginning. Jinnah of course was not clever enough to foresee what their imperialist parent being Britain had planned for them in the long term. The fundamental flaw in the creation of East and West Pakistan played into India’s hands of course years later. For India’s own vested strategic national security interests it helped its neighbour East Pakistan win independence from West Pakistan which ultimately emerged into present day Bangladesh of which India continues to have a tight noose over.
Now moving over to the context of Sri Lanka’s independence unlike our fellow Indian cousins across the pond, the Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamils combined did not struggle as much for independence from the British or experience the many hardships that our Indian cousins endured. In other words Sri Lanka obtained its independence naturally as a result of India’s independence from the British Raj which was inevitable.
If we Sri Lankans had fought for independence from the British like our cousins in India then we would have been a stronger and a prouder nation today. Sri Lanka would not have given birth to either a Prabhakaran or J.R. Jayewardene for that matter. One should note that even before the emergence of Tamil revolutionary groups, the Indian establishment did not want its cousin Sri Lanka becoming economically developed and forever since our independence has played the “Big Brother” enforcer role and interfered in our country’s internal affairs for their own vested strategic advantage.
The Indian establishment under Indira Gandhi manipulated and took advantage of the growing tensions between the Tamil and Sinhalese communities as a result of racial supremacy discrimination, successive riots and unfortunately for a small section of Sinhalese pro-Buddhist ultra-nationalists they played straight into their hands India’s hands without even realising it. India started clandestinely taking advantage of the ethnic tensions between the Tamil and Sinhalese communities via their intelligence wing R&AW by arming and training Tamil revolutionaries in their home country to cause havoc in land in the name of Tamil nationalism.
With the growth of Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka, India wanted to create a group of its own that it could control which led to the birth of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO). However the founding revolutionary groups of the Tamil national liberation struggle being EROS, LTTE and PLOTE were aware of India’s clandestine strategy and plans and chose to cooperate with India by pretending to play ball and handling their relationship with the Indian establishment with extreme caution.
When the UNP government came into power in Sri Lanka during the 70’s and 80’s they were effectively playing hand in hand with the United States of America much to the dismay of the Indian establishment who were in bed with Russia of course at the time. The key relationship that the UNP government had with the United States of America and Israel led to India further escalating its long term strategic plans of destroying Sri Lanka as a nation by inciting ethnic tensions within the country to keep the United States of America out of its backyard.
In 1987 when the Indo-Lanka Accord was being drafted, “Big Brother” India failed to consult or gather by-in and engage appropriately with the Tamil revolutionary groups, the UNP government and people of Sri Lanka from both the Sinhalese and Tamil communities. 
The Indo-Lanka Accord was forced upon us by the Indian establishment. India practically bullied Sri Lanka and the Tamil revolutionary groups to accept this agreement which when coming to think about it was a good example of what their long term plans were as they knew perfectly that this Accord would not last and was not worth the paper it was written on. Another reason why India was so bold enough to act and impose the Indo-Lanka Accord upon us was also partly due to the backing it had from its partner in crime Russia.
A small section of Sinhalese ultra-nationalists were backed by Britain, the United States of America and Israel who went all out to destroy Tamil nationalism and cause a drift between the Tamil community by inciting religious tensions between Hindu’s and Muslims. This was the dirty work of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad with the backing of the British establishment and their “divide and rule” colonial policies that came into practice.
Just how India was wrong to use make use of Tamil revolutionary groups and insight ethnic tension in Sri Lanka, equally Britain, USA and Israel made full use of a small section of Sinhalese ultra-nationalists to insight religious tensions between the Tamil community of Sri Lanka.
If you were analyse and take a good look at the worlds “so called” largest democracy being India, one will note that there are several internal issues affecting the country within East India popularly known as the “Seven Sisters”, Kashmir, Punjab (Khalistan), Telengana (Andhra Pradesh) and issues relating to Indian Maoists (Naxals). India is unable to resolve its own internal crisis and so how can Sri Lanka or the Tamil Diaspora expect any solution from India to resolve our own internal crisis? They continue to hoodwink the Tamil community and international Diaspora till this very day.
At the same time colonial imperialist Britain who were once regarded as the worst human rights violators in history and responsible for destroying cultures and national identities in example with the creation of the State of Israel by giving lands that belonged to the people of Palestine. They are still unable to resolve the crisis to this very day even with their own “Big Brother” cousin the United States of America who themselves are more or less controlled by Zionists of Israel.
Britain’s cousin across the pond the United States of America who are the world’s biggest terrorists as you only have to dig deep into the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) and verify their chequered history. The British expats who settled in the Americas prior to winning their own independence butchered the native American Indians in their own country in the name of white supremacy and created the United States of America.
America has a history of bullying nations across the world and who can forget the cold blooded bombings of Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki whereby hundreds thousands if not millions of Japanese men, women and children who perished which would be deemed as one of the worst and deadliest forms of terrorism today.
Today the United States of America sends its troops all over the world imposing its new imperialism order which can also be defined as a form of terrorism under the guise of their military strategic coordination’s with their partners in crime including Britain and Israel leading to imposed occupation of other countries for their oil and resources. They also continue to target country’s under the guise of human rights violations, terrorism and regime change.
In light of what has been highlighted above the Government of Sri Lanka continues to go down the wrong path and not consider giving Tamils of the North-East and up-country devolution and empowerment. Even if the Tamils and Sinhalese communities of Sri Lanka were to consider burying their hatchets and living together peacefully, the hyenas surrounding our country i.e. India, Britain, USA and Israel would not allow us to do so. The United States of America is more likely to make use of Islamist Jihadist groups in Sri Lanka via their Wahaabist slave Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia to insight more tensions and havoc leading to another strategic and possibly military occupation of Sri Lanka in Trincomalee, Hambantota, Colombo or Jaffna.
It is therefore vital that we Sri Lankans take note of some of these realities and consider uniting together and taking this upon ourselves us a challenge to India and the west to further demonstrate that we are capable of moving on for the benefit of our nation. If this does not materialise in the near future then our country is at serious risk of being divided and even India may possibly forcefully occupy the North-East. We must remove the dark gloves (India, Britain, USA and Israel) surrounding our island nation and the opportunity is in our hands for us to pursue for our own sake and future.
Henceforth when looking our country’s 64th year of independence in the opinion based on Marxist principles we have not really won any freedom from these old and new imperialists. They still have control over our island nation in some way shape or form and we have not really enjoyed the fruits of what it really means to be truly independent since 1948.
Sri Lanka needs to move to the next phase of protecting our peoples and keeping our nation intact or we will end up with no Sinhalese or Tamil identities for this matter throughout our country if the likes of India, Britain, USA and Israel of the new order imperialist nations have it their own way.

(Translated from Tamil)


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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