Pak agencies step forward to abolish missing persons protest camp VBMP

| by A Special Correspondent

(April 02, 2012, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Pakistani secret agencies are forcing to finish the token hunger strike camp for recovery of abducted Baloch activists. The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) had shifted their protest camp from Quetta to Karachi couple of months ago and setup their camp in front of Karachi Press club.
According to the sources on (29.3.2012) the protestors belong to Pakistan Paramedical Association and Nurses occupied the protest camp of Baloch Missing Persons. When VBMP team came next day to Baloch Missing persons’ camp, they were shocked see the protestors of Pakistan Paramedical Association who had removed all banners & pictures of VBMP and replaced them with their own banners.
The Vice Chairman of VBMP, Qadeer Baloch, discussed the matter with protesters,and Paramedical Association representative said that the Chairman of Karachi press club Mr. Tahir Hassan Khan forced them to occupy the Baloch Missing Persons camp. After hours of negotiations, Paramedical Association protestors finally left the Baloch Missing Persons camp.
It is not the first time that authorities are pressurizing the VBMP to end the Baloch missing persons protest camp. Pakistani secret agencies have been continuously threatening the family members of Baloch missing persons to finish their protest otherwise they will kill & dump their loved ones like other missing persons. This time Mr. Tahir Hussain, the chairman of Karachi press club on instructions of secret agencies forcing the VBMP to wind up the protest camp.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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