Pakistan: 6 children and 4 Baloch women abducted by security forces

( February 06,Quetta , Sri Lanka Guardian) The Baloch women panel said in a press release that Pakistani security forces abducted four women along with their six children on Friday Evening when they were on their way to Quetta. According to the report four women with their six children were abducted by frontier corps and intelligence agencies when they were on their way to Quetta.

Baloch women pannel in a statement said; Pakistani security forces on Friday evening whisked away four Baloch women with their children when they were going to Quetta in a pick up vehicle. sources claimed that security forces stopped the vehicle and took away the women with them who are told be from Marri tribe. Remember that before some days 8 marri women were whisked away by Pakistani security forces. Baloch women pannel claimed that abducted ones are from the same family.

According to the eye witnesses more then a dozen numbers of vehicles participated. sources said; frontier corps personal brutally tortured the children along with the pickup drivers and took away the Baloch women with them.women with their six children were shifted to an unknown location BWP said.

Those who are abducted by the Pakistani forces including four women ,six little children,30 years old driver.

It should be noted here that Pakistani forces had abducted more then 168 women from different areas of Balochistan which list was also published by a daily newspaper publishes from Balochista. more than 100 Baloch women of marri tribe are still missing today.

The Baloch Women Pannel (BWP) in their press release added that the abduction of the Baloch women including children and their driver is a state terrorism,Pakistani state brutalities in Balochistan are turning worse than the crimes in Bangladesh and Syria.The abduction of Baloch women by the intelligence agencies is a clear message that no one could be remain safe from the occupying state,either women,children or any other Baloch civilian all are seen as an enemy by the state.The silence of the international community on the brutalities of Pakistani state against Baloch nation is so criminal.The occupying state must understand that they can not prolong their illegal occupation by eliminating the inheritance of the Balochistan.The Baloch women pannel urged the national and international human rights organisations to take serious step against Pakistani security forces. further Baloch Women Pannel urged the Baloch nation,specially youths should stand against the barbarity of the state and strengthen themselves to resist the state aggression otherwise we will be killed one by one.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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