Pakistani forces are conducting deadly operation in Bugti areas of Balochistan

| by A Special Correspondent in Colombo

( March 07, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Pakistani security forces are continuing retaliatory offensives in RD 238, Goranari and other adjacent areas of Jaffarabad, Naseerabad and Sui, Dera Bugti. There reports of burning of houses and standing crops and indiscrimination harassment of unarmed civilians.
According to BRP’s central spokesperson, Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti, the Pakistani security forces are carrying violent operations in several areas of Jafarabad, Naseerabad and Sui, Dera Bugti. He said that several people have been arrested, houses have been set on fire and inhabitants of these areas are being arbitrarily terrorised by occupying forces.
Mr Bugti on his twitter account wrote that at least three villagers were killed and dozens were abducted during the offensives. The abducted include three women and three children. The abducted women have been named as Janjari Bibi, Sabahi and Patoli whereas the childrens’ names are Sewa son of Noor Hassan (9 years old), Bacha S/O Jumma Baloch, Wazera daughter of Noor Hassan. The victims belong to the same family – the immediate relatives.
The BRP spokesperson said that such brutal and wanton activities of Pakistani security forces negate the claims of Pakistan’s parliament that they are trying reconcile with the Baloch. Such dramas of negotiation and apologies of Pakistani rulers were always followed by brutal killings and violent acts by state’s armed forces. He also strongly criticised the so called mainstream Pakistani media for turning a blind eye to military’s atrocities against people of Balochistan.
He urged the International media, human rights organistion and all free born people to raise their voice against Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan. “The International media and human right bodies should send their fact finding mission to occupied Balochistan to observe the arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings of Baloch activists by Pakistan.”


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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