Pakistan’s reaction on US bill seeking right to self determination for Balochistan is surprising Baloch nationalists

| by A Special Correspondent

( February 21, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Former chief minister Balochistan and patriotic leader Akhtar Mengal in an interview said resolution regarding seeking right to self determination for Baluchistan in US house of representative is a positive achievement. Balochistan national party (BNP) president Sardar Akthar jan while talking to a private channel said” Pakistan’s reaction against bill is surprising” he said bill appearance in US house of representative is the great efforts of Baloch people.
Baloch leader said Pakistan government crazing over bill is explicable to him but noise made by political parties inexplicable. Speaking to a private TV channel Baloch leader said he doesn’t think government is going to change her attitude and notorious policies.” Former and present rulers are the part of bloodshed of Baloch youths whose brutally tortured bodies lying between Pakistan and Balochistan” Mr. Baloch added. He said” This bloodshed has created distances between Balochistan and Pakistan” answering to a question Mengal said” I don’t think there is going to be a change in government intensions, attitude and behavior even if the province would go away.The US republican party member and the foreign affairs subcommittee chairman Dana Robakr in the US house of Representative on Friday submitted a resolution seeking right to self determination for Balochistan. Resolution further says Baloch people should be given the right to decide their future
The resolution also states the human rights violation, extra-judicial killing and torturing Baloch youths, journalists and students in Balochistan.
Akthar mengal siad” it surprises me Pakistani institutions and political parties has objection over the word of Right to self determination” he says right to self determination is included in charter of UNO then why Pakistan does not object on UN charter?
He said if Pakistan has objection on the word right to self determination then why Pakistan has been using it for Kashmir? He said when right to self determination word comes for Baloch then they have objection. Mengal said; Kashmir wasn’t the part of Pakistan nor it is,” Pakistan had been demanding for Kashmir’s people self determination since 1948 which was the part of india before partition. He raised the question why the situation in Balochistan has been made so, why Pakistani rulers has provided opportunity to American to represent such bills?
What happened in Balochistan from the last sixty years, Mengal said those who are crying today where were from the last 60 years, Baloch leader said those crazy today have been patching their eyes for decades. He was of the opinion as for as resolution concerned it is a good step. Baloch said right to self determination is the fundamental right of Baloch which can’t be denied. Referring to a question he said in Pakistan; Baloch genocide is going on from the last 62 years.
He said, Pakistani political parties whether in opposition or in government both have excesses to Baloch people. Baloch leader stated, there are thousands of Baloch missing today and more than 350 mutilated bodies are found dead in various cities of Balochistan, He alleged that Pakistani army and intelligence agencies are involved for Baloch genocide, on the other hand Baloch patriotic leader Hybyar Marri in an interview said, efforts for an independent Balochistan should have been quite earlier as Baloch suffered a lot because of the Pakistan’s rigid behavior toward Baloch.
Marri said, “They are making allies with international community, he said he informed the world of Baloch grievances and ground realities. Marri said their demand is for an independent Balochistan saying that ” Marri went a step forward in his demand for an ‘independent’ Balochistan, saying that Baloch movement is a freedom movement not a separatist Marii said Pakistani army is killing several Baloch people, he said presentation of resolution in US house of committee was a result of sacrifices rendered by Baloch. Mr. Marri said he doesn’t believe the problems of Baloch can be solved in Pakistani parliament, he said Baloch will never get their rights in assemblies.” He said he had been in parliament and is not going to repeat this mistake again. He said he will be lobbying for an independent Balochistan


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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