Paramilitary leader’s website praises Tamil quislings supporting the government

| by a Special Correspondent in Colombo

( March 27, 2012, Geneva, Sri Lanka Guardian) The paramilitary leader and the government minister Douglas Devanand’s proxy website JalaJalappu (Jolting muddle) published the names of the expatriate Tamils and a Tamil Muslim who had come out of the way to rescue the Sri Lanka government at the Geneva session of Human Rights Council.
News titled ‘Expatiate Tamils campaign in support of motherland’ published in the controversial Jalajapappu website presented photographic display of the three determined campaigners accused of in the payroll of the government. The campaigners were portrayed as true hero’s who had come to the aide of the motherland Sri Lanka with true affection. A lady, who is well known as Drama Queen, is introduced as the member of the unknown Diaspora Dialogue group in the website.
Though the news displayed the photograph of the lawyer, known as Dirty Bazeer, it did not elaborate about his participation.
The news also praised another henchman of the government, who had been brought from his hideout in Sweden to help in the campaign work for the government at the UN sub-body session.
The news report further said that the right wing Sinhala extremist Douglas Wickramaratne from London and Jarani Silva from Canada joined the government’s jumbo campaign group that packed their bags after experiencing humiliation in the voting on Sri Lanka.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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