Paramilitary Salasalappu website suspended/shutdown

( May 08, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Tamil website that had first hand access to Sri Lanka government news and information, managed from Paris has been suspended/shutdown following complaints by the victims of certain news and write-ups published in the website.
The Denmark based web provider decided to shut down the for publishing unsubstantiated and vindictive news and doctored photographs following complaints.
The website was run by one Mr Arumugam from Paris for the government backed paramilitary EPDP group in Sri Lanka.
One of the victim of hate campaign of the website Rajasingham Jayadevan confirmed that he too complained to the web-provider for writing scandalous stories about him and for publishing humiliating doctored photographs to project him as a thief. He said that his formal request to Mr Arumugam to refrain from such degrading publications were disregarded. He said this website continued with the campaign of the pro-LTTE website managed from Norway.
The website carried out a calculated hate campaign against the Germany based political analyst Mr Jeganathan, political activist V Ramaraj and R Jayadevan.
Mr Jayadevan further said the regular contributor to the Salasalappu website S M M Bazeer too is being accused of involvement in the hate campaign. The hate campaign against R Jayadevan started against him when was in Sri Lanka in December 2011/January 2012. His visit was confirmed to the Sri Lanka High Commissioner in London during a meeting prior to his leaving. This information is said to have been leaked to S MM Bazeer who was present at the High Commission for a discussion on the LLRC report on that day and soon a news appeared in the website stating that R Jayadevan had gone to Sri Lanka to take up a job offered by President Mahinda Rajapakse.
The website earned the name of Mala-Sala-Poo for its degrading publications.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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