Please do your part for our father, Gen. Fonseka

Urge the release of former commander of the Sri Lankan Army and Presidential candidate General (Ret.) Sarath Fonseka
(November 24, Washington DC, Sri Lanka Guardian) We feel Gen. (Ret) Sarath Fonseka’s incarceration is illegal, and goes against all that Sri Lanka should achieve as a democratic nation.
President Mahinda Rajapakse over the past 6 years has systematically eroded the democratic fabric of Sri Lanka by usurping the powers of the judiciary, law enforcement branches and other key bodies, through politicizing the organs of a democratic system, and through his refusal to implement the 17th amendment to the Constitution.
The manner in which Gen Fonseka was charged and sentenced goes against the norms and previous practices of the law of Sri Lanka. His abduction and incarceration, following his bid for Presidency , perfectly illustrate the erosion of the rule of law, and the systemic and violent silencing of political opposition in Sri Lanka.
Here is full text of the letter written by Apsara Fonseka, a daughter of the Gen. Sarath Fonseka,
Dear friends,
As you all very well know my father was given another 3 years of imprisonment simply because the court felt he assisted in spreading a rumor that brought tension among ethnicities. Although it is my dearest wish to comment on this “verdict” and the so called “justice system” in Sri Lanka, I will keep them to myself for the sake of my family, who has felt the wrath of the the Sri Lankan “law” more than any regular family that lives in the country.
However, I want to use this judgment as an example to show people how much we are in need of international interference when it comes to seeking justice for my father. After months and months of activism it is quite obvious that my family might never receive any fairness without international support. With that in mind, I have started a petition in the White House website.
This is how it works…
If I can get 25,000 signature within a period of one month, the White House will consider my appeal. Hopefully, This will open a whole new process that will allow me to make them aware of the reasons that surround my father’s imprisonment and convince them to get involved.
Therefore, I kindly appeal you to please show my family your support by simply taking 30 seconds of your time to sign up for this petition. It will go a long way in helping my father and my family who desperately want a break from all the injustice that is happening to us on a daily basis.
We remain strong purely due to the support we have received from our supporters. Therefore, we appeal to you once more to be with us and support us in our hour of need by signing this petition and showing us you are still vouching for us. Political views aside, you all know that my father does not deserve this. The only thing he did wrong was standing up for what he believed in. It’s a human right. No one should be able to take that away from an individual.
I hope my humble appeal as a daughter who desperately wants to see justice for her father will inspire you to sign this petition and show us your continuous support.
The link is as follows:
Thanking you once again for your unstinting support and faith
Apsara Fonseka
P.S – Please done forget to ask your friends and family to sign the petition as well.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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