Police indiscriminate firing kills two in Balochistan

Police opened indiscriminate fire on Faraz Karim and Faisal Bashir in Panjgur, on Monday night.
( February 23,Balochistan,Sri Lanka Guardian) Baloch poet, writer and political activist Faraz Karim received martyrdom along with his fellow Faisal Bashir when they were stopped in a Police check point in Panjgur and opened fired at.
Karachi : Voice for Baloch Missing Person Hunger Strike Camp Infront of Karachi press club.53 Days in Karachi ..Total 685 Days
Faraz Karim was affiliated with Baloch Republican Party (BRP), a peaceful pro-independence political party in Balochistan, as their district information secretary in Panjgur. He was a prominent Balochi language poet and a writer too.
Baloch National Movement (BNM) has strongly condemned the act calling it ‘continuation of cowardly state policies’ in Balochistan. The Central spokesman of BNM said Faraz Karim and Faisal Bashir were intentionally target killed by the police to bond their alliance with the Frontier Corps who are directly involved in committing worse human rights violations in Balochistan.
Also Baloch National Front (BNF), an alliance of pro-independence parties, called upon a complete shutter down protest in Panjgur on Tuesday. All shops, markets and banks were closed down in protest against the killings of the two young men.
BLF warns against killing of civilians: On the other hand, Baloch Liberation Front’s spokesman Doda Baloch paid tribute to the young martyrs and warned the Police to refrain from patrolling around in Panjgur. Talking to NNI news agency via satellite phone from unknown location, Mr. Baloch said previously Police were never attacked as they were seen as ordinary elements but looking at their brutal attitude of targeting local peaceful civilians, they will have to face the consequences


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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