Pragith Ekneligoda Disappearance – 661 Days passed

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( November 17, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) There was a media Conference called by wife of Pragith Ekneligoda, Mrs. Sandya Ekneligoda at the Centre For Society and Religion Auditorium, Colombo, today (17/11/11).It was pointed out that during the 2nd day of the 47th Session on Sri Lanka at the CAT Committee in Geneva, without any sense of ethics and responsibility Mr. Mohan Peiris,who was the Srilankan Government representative, made some references on the issue of the forced disappearance of Pragith Ekneligoda, that according to reliable information that he could vouch for, Mr. Ekneligoda has taken refuge in a foreign country and that the campaign against his disappearance is a hoax. Mr. Peiris failed to provide detailed information on the alleged whereabouts of Mr. Ekneligoda despite claiming that he had “reliable information”. He did not name the country, where he is now. So Pragith’s wife wants Mr. Mohan Peiris to disclose the details of the whereabouts of her husband. Speaking further, she said that on 23rd of Nov., the case in the magistrate courts, Homagama re’ the disappearance of Pragith is to be called and before that she needed the said information from Mr.Peiris.
Pragith Ekneligoda, a political columnist and cartoonist with Lanka-e-news website and a freelance journalist who was known for his anti-government news and cartoons went missing on January 24, 2010, just days before the presidential election and it is 661 days now for his disappearance. He was believed to be a supporter of the common opposition presidential candidate,Mr. Sarath Fonseka.
Mr.Mangala Samarawira, on behalf of United National Party told the gathering that as the opposition, they will do their best to protest for this. He said that they plan to formulate a program me for protesting Avanitiya (lawlessness) of the country during the coming months with the support of everybody. He reminded that President is only caretaker of the country but not the King of this country. Replying to a question, posed by Mr. Elmo Fernando, BBC Sandeshaya, he said that though, he admits that there are problems in the opposition party, they will forget the differences and fight for the common good.
Dr. Nimalka Fernando explained the gathering how Mr. Peiris was responding to the CAT committee about Pragith and other journalists who were attacked. Mr.Jayantha Katagoda the National Alliance, Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne, Mr. Siritunga Jayasuriya, Mr. Linus Jayatilaka, and K.D.C. Kumarage, A A L also spoke.


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