Punctured Silva flying to inflate in South Africa

| by Concerned Citizen 

( November 06, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The government of Sri Lanka is all out to promote the military officials accused of war crimes in the final leg of war in Sri Lanka in 2009 in the international level. Its efforts are grotesque that it does not have no moral conscience or sensitivity to handle matters carefully. Intentions of the government might be to marginalise the war crimes heros who could undermine the present family regime with the support they have down south if they remained in Sri Lanka.
War crimes accused Major General Shavendra Silva ended up being bloody nosed in New York needing urgent rehabilitation to salvage him from the damage. His sudden transfer to South Africa that fought a just battle against apartheid and Africana’s is another ludicrous move of the government that once again will boomerang on its face.
Instead of posting him to places like North Korea, Iran, China, Maldives or sending him on early retirement the government has opted for South Africa to play another high stake game with the international community. North Korea is said be a silent partner Sri Lanka where very many important government backers and alleged war criminals are being sent with meagre earning work permits. Silva should have been given a luxury holiday in that country to avoid him being arrested under a international warrant.
Coming days and months will say how far the government’s effort to resurrect Silva in South Africa will fare. With the strong human rights lobby with international HR organisations links, South Africa will be another Waterloo for Mahinda Rajapakse & Co if pressures start to mount there against Silva.
Another intention of the government is keep these alleged war criminal under diplomatic protection to ensure, they would not be touched with the immunity protection.
It is testing time for South Africa too, when it had accepted a war criminal to serve in its country. South Africa is creating a new precedent and its image to act fair has come into questioning. The rationale behind accepting this appointment must have been a behind the scene work involving the Defence Scretary Gotabaya Rajapakse, who too is accused of committing war crimes.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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