Question: Who is Australian John Dowd to tell a Sinhalese?

Answer from an Australian Sinhalese: ‘God’

| Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

(October 27, Melbourne, Sri Lnaka Guardian) I write in response to the article ‘Wither Justice: Lion, Tiger & Kangaroo’ by Pandukabaya de Silva, published in Sri Lanka Guardian.
Mr. de Silva asks Mr. Dowd ‘Who are you to tell me what my people have suffered?’
When we migrate from our local areas in various parts of the country/globe, to multicultural common parts of the country/globe, we need to carry the value of our work in the new form or only the essence of our work through Higher Common Values. The latter is like rebirth. Former is lateral travel.
Just before I read Mr. de Silva’s article, I had a call from an Australian Sinhalese who was pursuing his conversation in relation to his ongoing response to my article ‘If VP was a Terrorist what was Gaddafi?’. This Sinhalese said to me – ‘ I believe in Karma; But it does not affect the white man. White man was made by god and white man is pure’.
I was so shocked – I almost dropped my phone! (I was safely seated on the floor – packing some saris for war victims in Sri Lanka, and hence there was no risk of falling off the chair!). I recovered and said ‘We were all created through God’s system which we call Karma’. By the ‘we’ I meant Hindus. Later when I read Mr. de Silva’s question to Mr. Dowd, the above caller from within me said ‘God’. To me, the ‘timing’ of that call was no coincidence. It was the social answer that the Sinhalese leaders need to hear about the people they naturally lead.
Unless we use our ‘Puthi’ / Discriminative thinking – we repeat what we see and hear. Discriminative thinking helps us earn our benefits. Common Laws and Principles help us include others in our thinking – especially those we do not ‘see’ or hear – so we would not block and/or damage the work of others traveling along that path. Mr. John Dowd, whether he is right or wrong; liked or disliked, is traveling within the Common Laws and Principles of the Global Community. Mr. de Silva, through that question has revealed that he is NOT. This effectively groups him with the Sinhalese who said that Whites were created by god and we were not. I was still carrying that memory when I read Mr. de Silva’s question. Both Sinhalese were speaking through me. It was Sinhalese teaching the Sinhalese about White Australians, through a Tamil. That is the Global picture of Sri Lanka! Mr. de Silva is the parallel of President Rajapaske; the caller is the parallel of the Sinhalese voter; Mr. Dowd the parallel of the Global Community with status and I the parallel of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community with no external status.
Current statements of Australian leaders, including the media – give us the message that they do consider the Sri Lankan Government responsible for the Human Rights breaches in relation to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. If President Rajapakse had traveled along that Global Path mentioned above – there would have been no room for such ‘telling’ because all those who watched, saw and did not ‘act’ are also responsible as if they had committed the act themselves. Some have legal responsibilities; others social responsibilities and all of us moral responsibilities. As per my observations, Mr. Dowd has taken on at all three levels. What about Mr. de Silva? – only social responsibility? If yes, Mr. Dowd is his natural leader in this issue.
By removing outsiders, President Rajapakse gave those removed ‘immunity’ – legally and socially and took it all upon himself!!! Had he traveled along the Global path – he would have known how to read these ‘foreigners’! Then he would have had the comfort of confidentiality that comes with common belief. Traveling does not mean just physical presence. Traveling means feeling one with fellow travelers. At word level only it takes a long time. Hence common laws to help us invest in each other more quickly through higher and wider levels of interaction.
Belief in a person/group gives us the moral authority to keep our actions confidential. In fact if we are leaders we have the responsibility to keep details of our internal experiences confidential. That way our minds and hearts would merge than when we have to produce facts; show and tell and prove. The Australian Sinhalese above who phoned me is only a physical level fellow traveler with Mr. John Dowd and other white Australians.
This Sinhalese asked me whether he would get a grenade thrown at him by an LTTE if he went to Jaffna? I said may be may be not. He obviously did not believe the President who claims that LTTE have been eliminated from Jaffna. To me, it depends on which side of the other person we invoke. As I have said to Tamils who seek to include me in their group when they go through security checks ‘ when our minds are still, our natural qualities invite or reject the other’. If an anti-Tamil Sinhalese meets an anti-Sinhalese Tamil and both are natural at that time – without any active thought – they would end up fighting with each other. Only conscious thought at that time would override this natural tendency. We call them ‘piravi gunam’ in Tamil. (piravi = birth; gunam=trait).
Folks who blindly follow their leaders – would therefore be at personal risk if those leaders were violent with their opposition. If they blindly followed their leaders in their countries of origin, they would blindly follow the leaders here in Australia also. Hence white Australian is god to Sinhalese. Black or White – Australians would be human to Sri Lankans (not Sinhalese or Eelam only Tamils) of all origins. Then we would know that we could achieve what they have achieved if we worked as much as they and v.v.
When we migrate from our local areas in various parts of the country/globe, to multicultural common parts of the country/globe, we need to carry the value of our work in the new form or only the essence of our work through Higher Common Values. The latter is like rebirth. Former is lateral travel.
The Sinhalese caller said also that there were more Sinhalese in Australia than Tamils from Sri Lanka. Given that death and damage due to war has been assessed to be greater in Tamil areas, than in Sinhalese areas, this would mean to one with such knowledge, that White Australia – i.e. god – was on their side. So, what is Mr. de Silva complaining about? – that lions should not have sought refuge in the Kangaroo pouch!

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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