Rajapakistan: Gota purchased the Citrus Hotel in Hikkaduwa

( January 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has invested part of the monies earned by him in the leisure sector. The monies have been invested through his close friend, millionaire businessman “Money Laundering” Dilith Jayaweera and MP Duminda Silva’s brother, Chairman of the ABC Media Network, Raynor Silva. Dilith Jayaweera and Raynor Silva have purchased the Citrus Hotel in Hikkaduwa. The hotel was declared open by Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa.The Defence Secretary is also looking at setting up several luxury hotels on the Eastern coast. The government therefore has taken measures to sell him some land in the coastal areas of the Eastern Province at dirt cheap prices. Lands Minister Janaka Bandara Tennekoon has also objected to this illegal land grab.“Money Laundering”Dilith Jayaweera has also purchased several super luxury hotels in Colombo. He has also purchased the up market shopping complex, Liberty Plaza in Colpetty as well.
Further ,a powerful minister of the Sri Lankan government currently on tour outside Sri Lanka has revealed to Ravaya the amazing details behind the sudden ups and downs of the Sri Lankan stock market that took place during the last two years.
According to this minister a huge ransom of US $ 850.00 Million paid by KP to save his life was invested in the Sri Lankan stock market through Dhammika Perera & Nimal Perera, Ashok Pathirage, Dilith Jayaweera and Raynor Silva, thereby creating a huge artifical boom in the stock market.The idea had been not to profit through the stock market but to launder the dirty money. Recently they withdrew the money, giving legitimacy to the dirty money but creating this slump in the market.Further to this business tycoon Harry Jayawardena has established a fund with the blessings of Mahinda Rajapaksa from the money generated from petroleum deals. Harry Jayawardena has been entrusted with the task of seeking assistance of Daewoo Keang Nam Enterprises, the South Korean businessgiant to create a good rapport with Ban-Ki-Moon. He is also trying to promote a working relationship between Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Clinton Foundation.Sajin Vaas Goonawardene has been entrusted with the assignement of contacting Pranabh Mukerjee through Reliance Industries Limited, India and Tony Blair through Land Rover of UK. Sajin Vaas Goonawardene is in constant contact with Land Rover agent in Sri Lanka, Sheran Fernando. It is believed that Sajin Vaas used the same avenue to establish a relationship with late Gaddaffi, which made it possible for Namal Rajapaksa to meet Gaddaffi in Triploi a few months back.Nirupama Rajapaksa’s husband Thiru Nadesan is entrusted with the task of contacting politicians of Tamil Nadu and Thiru Nadesan has been already compensated with the award of the contract to build the Colombo Outer Circular Road. He has been granted permission to add a 300 percent mark-up on the cost of the project as usual.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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