Rajapakistan: Sanction against Sri Lanka

How can ordinary Tamils Participate?

| by Subramaniam Masilamany

“Our freedom is already here on a gold platter and served with a smile, but we Tamils do not have the courage to take it. Take it today. You either have freedom or death, I am free and alive! I have taken mine, have you taken yours?” Take your dose of freedom today, it is one time medication for all your struggle in life.

We are asking our Tamils are you sincere about your commitment to your freedom? Do you know what freedom is? After having lived under foreign and Singhalese domination and majority rule for almost 500 years you have lost the concept of freedom.

(November 07, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sixty years and two generation ago a mad man turned the mind of the people of the nation of Sri Lanka in a wrong direction and today it has become a land of raw nature. It took thousands of years to turn this raw nature with roaming animals into a civilized and organised society, but in 60 years it has returned to nature. Society as we live today is too intelligent and sophisticated for ordinary people live in it. Is society that frail and fragile to fragment so fast and so quickly? Today in Sri Lanka has gone back in nature but with lethal weapons in hand. It was Tamils at first, it will be Muslims, then the opposition among the Singhalese and ultimately it will be among the dictators. All along the economic pie gets smaller and smaller and the fight gets bigger and bigger. Here below Pastor Martin Niemoller has summarized it in four verses.

Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892–1984)

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.
The fear among people is that this nation is going to break out into a fully blown tribal and group war. The current leadership does not seem to have the intellect and the know how as to how to guide this coutry out of its dungeon and doldrums. The internal srife has already burdened the nation economic immune system and the debt owed to foreign nations are now swapped for equity. What does it mean? Simply put when I owe money and if I have no money pay the debt, I have to surrender my property. Simple, we all know that. It is the continued destruction of national wealth and the purchase of weapons and the balloning militray has exhausted the nations of its economic stamia.One will never prosper or profit by destroying or disparaging ones family, friends, partners and fellow citizens. What happened in Sri Lankan was in the name of race and religion the state unleased a poisoneous and destructive policy on one sectors of the people, that people happened to be the Tamils. The Tamils left the nation, who is next? It will be interesting see from outside in.
I think every Tamil who has so far not affected by the ethnic cleansing pogrom of the genocidal regime of Sri Lanka can learn a thing or two from the above quotation. And I personally learned that as I focus more and more on the well being of my community and the world community at large my life is getting better. Thence if we all become public servants without any anticipated remuneration our lives will get better. So then what is holding us behind from our participation to up hold universal laws of good and bad, right and wrong, what is stopping us from rising up against monstrosity.
The atrocities going on in Sri Lanka to Tamils are not specific to Tamils, the Tamils are mere incidental to the whole affairs, and they were the wrong people at the wrong time and wrong place. It can happen any time anywhere to anyone. Therefore it is the responsibility of the world to stand up and stamp out this menace that has infected the Singhalese people and have become a pestilence and epidemic. People can call me an ultra racist, that is fine, but I have not killed any human being and have not killed any living thing knowingly.
Almost 3 years have passed since the mass scale Genocide and holocaust of innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka. We spoke to several Jewish friends and they kept on reiterating that it is our task, our primary task to keep up the campaign. It is easy and does not cost you any money, we are only asking for your time, energy and effort to stamp out bad behaviour. All Tamils in their small and large ways must actively participate.
While campaigning among the world of Nations, we Tamils have to honestly, sincerely and with dedication and absolute focus demonstrate our faith in our own freedom. If we do not sincerely believe in our own contribution toward our liberation, we cannot expect others to come to our rescue. We have to set the example, precedence, mass and energy. We have to discard the inferior, insecure and second class mentality and insist on our right as citizens of the world. Firstly we have to get rid of selfish mentality and become worldly citizens taking responsibility for and of the greater world. We will never be free within our own enclave, we have to participate and demand our portion of the world. The way we are we don’t know what freedom and we are not at all worried or bothered about it. Why 40,000 Tamil people were killed in Sri Lanka, because none of them stood up and ask, why are you suffering us, instead we kept on backing off. Our freedom is already here on a gold plate, we do not have the courage to take it. Take it today. I have taken mine have you taken yours?
We are asking our Tamils are you sincere about your commitment to your freedom? Do you know what freedom is? After having lived under foreign and Singhalese domination and majority rule for almost 500 years you have lost the concept of freedom. We see that every day in our Tamil people, living as subservient, subjugated, and submissive and subordinated people. It has to change. There are several things to do and we all must get together and do it individually and as group. Every one has to prevail and every one has to contribute and every one has to be recognised as capable contributors. Most of the Tamils born in Sri Lanka either under the British rule or the ignorant rule of the Singhalese majority freedom are mere peace and existence. They merely existed to survive; it was a subservient subsistence not exuberant existence.
But now we are in the free world, where to improve and increase your creativity the government encourages you to exercise your right to freedom. These are enshrined in the constitution and are called the Bill of rights or charter of rights and freedoms. These things simply mean you must fight for your right when it is violated.
At the same time we have to keep the insecure and inferior forces at bay so that they do not interfere with your freedom. The Singhalese in Sri Lanka are mere weak, insecure, inefficient and ineffective people, but they have the masses behind them. We have to defeat them. In a civil society you do not defeat the enemy by hard means, we use soft means and mechanisms, one of them is sanction. I have listed below number sanction that we can employ and enforce. Please do it today and every day.
There are several forms of sanctions
a. Monetary sanctions
b. Political sanctions
c. Psychological sanctions
d. Travel sanctions
e. Tourism sanctions
f. Regulatory sanctions
g. Import export sanctions
h. Capital market sanctions
i. Distribution sanctions
j. Embargo
k. Work place wareness
l. Commuinity events propaganda
m. Bill Boards display
n. Boycott Sri Lankan Products
o. Public burning and destruction of Sri Lankan goods
p. Calling for International boycott of Sri Lankan products
q. Public speeches and condemnations
r. Mass scale flooding of media
s. Social media propaganda
t. Exclusion
u. Suspension
v. Expulsion
w. Diplomatic sanctions
x. Sport sanctions
y. Cultural sanctions
z. Trade sanctions
aa. Military sanctions
bb. Individuals sanctions
cc. Punitive sanctions
dd. Investment sanctions
ee. Medical sanctions
ff. Criminality sanctions
gg. Technology transfer sanctions
hh. Intellectual sanctions
ii. Black Listing traders
jj. Buyers embargo
kk. Bumper Stickers
ll. Mass scale mail campaign
mm. Flogging and flooding with messages via mail and media.
These are few of the things you can do, chose the one is appropriate for your intellect and use it. You can do your own You tube or face book campaign. It is easy all you need is webcam and sofyware costs about $50.00, three people can share it.
Napoleon said an army travel on its stomach. Starvation is the best way to weaken an intransigent and belligerent enemy. Singhalese are not our enemy, but Tamils are Singhalese’s enemy, that is how they were indoctrinated. By putting their government under economic, financial, political and other forms of pressure we can make them to realise their erroneous beliefs.
The regime that does not recognises the right to life, human rights and freedom are ignorant and hence are tyrannical and they harass and unnecessarily and unduly punish people of their same composition.
In this modern world of abundant wealth and prosperity there is room all 7,000,000,000 people to live comfortably and more new ideas of how to improve and increase creativity are made every day. Then why should there be social and racial strife in the world. It is due to shear ignorance and incapability.
Sri Lanka has been on the destructive path of Racism, Fanaticism, Narcissism, and recently into staterrorism and narcotism, these are dangerous trends and directions and what ever plea for change of heart has not made its way into their minds. So sanctions, embargo and boycott are the way to bring sense and semblance into their minds.
How can the Tamils help themselves? The most important thing they can do is to stop buying Sri Lankan made goods and services and two to stop sending more than required hard currency to Sri Lanka. I know it helps our people in one way and hurts us in multiplied ways. But we can do whatever we can do.
Secondly one must reduce the amount to travel to Sri Lanka especially by Sri Lankan airlines. We must stop importing goods that are made Sri Lankan except made in our traditional Tamil areas. Exporting to Sri Lanka item that will help them directly must be avoided or reduced. When you send hard currencies you are basically exporting high value items to them, which can used against Tamils.
Civilization is not a status quo, it is an ever evolving and growing and progressing hope in progress, it the hope that keep us living, life is hope in progress. Never surrender your hope to despair or to a destructive enemy. Take you freedom and never ever give it away

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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