Rajiv murder: The tears told by Murugan

This is a letter written by Murugan who is sentenced to death in Rajiv Gandhi murder case, under the caption, The Tears Told By Murugan published in Junior Vikaden dated.13.11.11 . Translation done by L.Annadoure. 
| by Murugan

How Thanu became courageous?

(December 09, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) What exactly is the affinity on the part of Fate over our lives…once again premonition of death – clouds are hovering on us. Mercy petitions need not be considered or taken into account maintain the Central and state Governments before the Honorable High Court of judicature at Madras. We did not ever think our lives would be so slighted and become so precarious. Now, as usual the date will be fixed and we will be subjected to perennial hellish pangs of agony. Whether we will be saved …..or we will be abandoned once and for all our heart and body will debate between them which in turn will accelerate the tenseness in us. Nevertheless we are of the firm belief and are hopeful even to this minute that our lives would certainly be redeemed in the next course of enquiry. We do cherish hope in our heart that entire people of Tamil land will join hands in order to espouse our cause and save us. I do just bring to my mind the picture of sister Sengkodi who had immolated herself for our sake. While sister Sengkodi was dead and while dying she was of staunch belief as to our innocence and she was certain we had not committed any wrong but what we ourselves are going to achieve in perpetuating this life.? We are very happy to die and we will follow suit.
Sonia Gandhi– Rajiv Gandhi
It was a love affair that cut across nationalities—she from Italy, he from India. They met as students in England in 1964, fell in love and were married in 1969. For a long while they lived away from the public glare—he an airline pilot, she a housewife. When he joined politics, she was beside him—reluctantly. When he was assassinated, she stayed on to lay claim to the Nehru-Gandhi legacy.- photo from : Outlook India
But before the noose tightens our neck I must unburden the heaviness of my heart in entirety. As Congress people used to say the incident of death is an unforgettable and unpardonable one. But no body comes forward to argue before his conscience in order to see why the incident took place? Truly, were any Congress man who bore affection and had thought that the very death of Rajiv Gandhi was like the death some one in his family then he would certainly have come to Vellore Jail and met us. By questioning ‘Why did you kill our leader?’ he would have certainly caught us by our shirt and shaken us violently. Why there was not any courage on the part of a single congress man to come and meet us?
Who were all the enemies of Rajiv Gandhi who was then India’s ever growing younger force ? what were the antagonistic forces, reasons and causes which concentrated cumulatively on him and focused him as an enemy? From where did the conspirators derive the heart to reduce his body into smithereens, he who had paraded the ground with a face that was deep red and a face with smiles of a child.
“Since Rajiv Gandhi was found to be the cause in heinous crimes and atrocities having been committed in Srilanka by Indian Peace Keeping Force, there was prevalence of a strong feeling in the women group to take vengeance against him.” ‘The Accused No.3 had deposed in his confessional statement’, wrote the Judge who dealt with the Rajiv Gandhi murder case.
I do not want to indulge in or crave your sympathy to our cause once again. But read once again the aforesaid recorded words. The Indian Peace Keeping Force which was dispatched by Rajiv Gandhi should have paved way to establish a lasting peace but the Force which had committed with impunity acts of uncivil and incivility and atrocities there in Srilanka cannot be called a peace keeping force. The instances of commission of atrocities there in Srilanka were not negligible but innumerable. The commission of heinous crimes by the Indian Peace Keeping Force there in Srilanka was so much it had proved to the world that it was not inferior to the cruel Srilankan Army in any way. Where ever one turned or passed by there would be heard cries and wailings. There are enough evidence available in our land to indicate that their only work was to smash and beat up the men folk severely whenever our men came into their sight and to round up women and rape them!
The impending death like a sword is hanging over head. Even now I am recalling and recollecting in my mind the innumerable cruel murders which had been committed by them. Even after passage of time one cannot forget or pardon them for having shot children without discrimination as to race or language as one would shoot birds? A person places his shoe shod leg on the head of your babe and smashes and crushes it. As for you, you are being physically tortured and you could not retrieve or remove yourself from the shackles. Oblivious of your cries which rise on being tortured the military force throws away the smashed child. The Eeelam foetus were strewn about ground and trampled underfoot and life snapped. Our women used to be very careful during period of gestation lest the umbilical cord itself should strangle the foetus. The vows taken to avenge the death of their kin would have gone on building up in the wombs of our women who heard wailing cries of their dying babes. The vow they swore by taking the sands from the foreground of their house hold and throwing it to the wind would not have been heard by the person who sent the Peace Keeping Force? Do you know what could be the only reason that would lurk in the back ground pertaining the perpetrators of heinous crimes? It should only be their inability!
Courage to do any daring deed germinates only at the extreme hopelessness. No body, during the particular period, would have ever dreamt or imagined that a growing powerful political leader of India, Rajiv Gandhi would be killed and his body torn into hundred pieces? Would it be possible to go near him after surmounting several tiers of safety measures? How they had planned meticulously, carefully and killed him when the very Intelligence wing would experience difficulty in fathoming as to where he would come and when he would come?
In the prosecution document No.81 it has been mentioned as follows, “ Since Rajiv Gandhi was the cause of the heinous crimes perpetrated by Indian Peace Keeping Force against the liberation Force there was an intention to take vengeance against him” The aforesaid word were said to have been written at my dictation. There was nothing to indicate that I had ever spoken of the women wing. By writing so it became implicit or indirectly indicative of possession of knowledge as regards the plan to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi on my part as early as March 1991. Further it was written there that when Sivarasan had hinted during March 1991 that he needed a woman to garland I had come to know of the matter. Here, it should be seen that the judges themselves have observed that prior to 7.5.91 no body had ever known of the conspiracy to assassinate except Sivarasan, Suba and Thanu. To bring bad name and to sully and blemish the name of the liberation Force was the advent of concocted confessional statement (?) they who had built up imaginary stories by suppressing conveniently the vital passages from the alleged confessional statement so as to suit their case do disseminate the false stories.
In page No.140 it was written there as follows, “ During the first week May 1991, ‘ I have fetched two women, Utilize them and an Indian woman is needed to complete the work’ said Sivarasan to Accused No.3”
There was not any oral or documentary evidence either to substantiate the claim that there had taken place a conversation between myself and Sivarasan during May1991 or to show that a conversation had taken place more particularly after the alleged arrival of Suba and Thanu over here on 2.5.1991.
And the same prosecution document No.81 would mention that ‘During March 1991, Sivarasan made a request to procure an Indian woman to garland Rajiv Gandhi in order to foster good relation ship in the future and that during the first week April 1991 he had intended to fetch Suba and Thanu and that to go along with them and to complete the work another woman was needed so as to avert their Lankan identity being exposed and that it was decided to use Nalini”
When on reading the two passages together the clear meaning that would evolve is the alleged work as such was ‘to garland’. And at the same time the contradictions that are found in the statement cannot be overlooked. The first part of the passage indicates that it was the Indian woman who would do the garlanding directly and the second passage shows that the two Lankan woman would do the garlanding and while doing so assist them in averting exposure of their identity. It was written there as though I had said that I had agreed to facilitate execution of First part. There was nothing to show that I had agreed to perform the second part. Although they had written that a decision had been arrived at there was no explanation forthcoming as to indicate by whom it such a decision was arrived at. In addition, the prosecution argument would tend to state that the naming of Suba and Thanu was done for the first time on 2.5.1991. On the contrary, it was there on record that during first week April 1991 Sivarasan had spoken of the two women by referring to their borrowed names Suba and Thanu. How it came to pass that the Judges had not taken note of such contradictions?
There is a meaning behind narrating the case history by citing solitary instances. I am not in a position to point out whether Liberation Tigers were behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi or the blame was cast on the Liberation Tigers? Who ever saw his kith and kin wallow in their own blood and ultimately die would certainly roam about with a vengeful feelings. innumerable loss of life….innumerable agonies and painful memories. It was opined that the cruel deeds which were perpetrated by Singala Army was far better than Indian Peace keeping Force which had committed the murders, raped our women, done acts of molestation and invaded their modesty. Even flies and ants which suffered at their hands would certainly take vengeance. While this being so, how our kith and kin who have loved the land and tress as their own flesh and blood would have suffered painfully? How far extent they would have been angry towards Rajiv Gandhi who sent the Peace Keeping Force? By girding the strong feeling to avenge on their waist they would have sacrificed their lives so as to chase and drive away the Peace keeping Force?
Would not there be on the part of Thanu, who was said to have strapped around her waist the bomb, a desire to live? Why there was not an hesitation or reluctance on her part even at the last moment knowing full well that she was about to be wiped out from the face of this world? Even now I am not justifying in any way the assignation of Rajiv Gandhi. The concept of Death for Death should not there for the human race . As a man who was born in Eelam it is my bounden duty to tell the world that the cause for some people shedding tears are the seeds of tears which they have sown in others
Wounds will not heal


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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