Ramblings on god and the white man – ( Reply)

| by Pandukabaya de Silva

(October 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) This will be my single and short answer to the confused writings of  Ms Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam who has tried to respond to an earlier reflection I published in Sri Lanka Guardian (SLG).
I regretfully cannot answer her in depth since I simply cannot understand what she is saying as she has confused someone telling her that God is a White Man with what I wrote regarding Mr John Dowd’s arrogance in trying to teach Sri Lankans about their own country, which (probably) he himself has never set foot in. Both incidents have no relationship to each other and are, mind you, the exact opposite of each other. This is something that is quite obvious to all except a confused mind. What baffled me most was her final salvo which asked as to whether I think that lions should not have sought refuge in the kangaroo pouch?
This question is baffling since it has no relationship at all to the original article which I wrote exposing Mr John Dowd. However, let me gently correct this confused lady that I am certainly not among those who have sought refuge in the Kangaroo pouch even though she has. Instead, I have been educated abroad but chose to come and work in my country, currently being involved in bringing children of the South together with the children of the North which is far more effective than all the hate mongering that is done by people living overseas and safely writing articles. I also have had no hesitation in challenging this terrible government in articles that I have written and recently in a review of Gordon Weiss’s The Cage which was published on SLG. But for Ms Paramasivam, it appears that even reasonable responses or anyone who criticizes the LTTE is fair game.
I have seen off and on her frequent complaints about some dust up or the other that she has had with the Australian legal system as a result of which apparently she had been committed to jail. I can sympathise with her and for her evident mental distress but is it really fair to inflict these confused ramblings on others? Most probably this response will be met by another long harangue by her but I could not resist this one answer to her.
I will swear not to respond hereafter. Let Ms Paramasivam have the comfort of her ramblings though others clearly will not.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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