Rape allegation against 3 Catholic priests in Jaffna

| by A Special Correspondent in Jaffna

( April 20, 2012, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) It was reported from Jaffna that on the 17 April 2012 that three catholic priests belong to Manalkaddu parish and Vaddakacchy parish, were alleged to be involved in a gang rape of 2 married girls.
All 3 priests be-friended the 2 girls in Pointpedro and offered a day trip to Kilinochi in their vehicle on the morning of 17 April 2012. They took the 2 girls to Vaddakacchy parish and asked the servant to prepare lunch. When the lunch was prepared the servant knocked on the priest room and got no response.
Subsequently the servant used a ladder to climb on to the window of the room to see what was happening and found the priests in bed with the 2 girls. the servant with the help of the local people broke the room door and caught all 3 priests. The 2 girls were in distress and asked the locals to help the get back to Pointpedro.
Both girls were married and their husbands living in London. the incident was reported to the police. The rape allegation was notified to Jaffna bishop Rt Rev Soundaranayagam who is due to visit London on 24 April 2012. It was a big surprise to Jaffna people that the bishop did not suspend the 3 priests involved in this incident.
Criminal investigations are continuing, Police Inspector General had informed us that arrests will be made soon. Despite the damage this incident has caused to public relation with the church, it was amazing that the bishop of Jaffna did not take firm action against the 3 priests involved in day rape.
The 2 victim’s husbands were shocked and dismayed of this incident and blame the 3 priests for their ill behaviour and breaking the priest hood vowel.
Public reaction to this incident was alarming and distrust at the church and clergy. Unless bishop of Jaffna take immediate steps to suspend all 3 priests the situation may escalate to out of proportionate.
The Archbishop of Colombo is making enquiries in to the allegations, when we spoke with Archbishops house today this serious matter was not reported and archbishop was not aware of this incident. However when we alerted about the incident we were assured that steps will be taken immediately. Bishop of Jaffna is leaving shortly to visit London. The Catholics of Jaffna hopes that the bishop will take firm action against the 3 priests before he leaves Jaffna on his London visit.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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