Rebellion leader called on international community to back Baloch national movement

| by A Special Correspondent in Balochistan

Allah Nazar Baloch
( February 27, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) Baloch rebellion leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch in recent speech has welcomed US bill moved in congress seeking right to self determination for Baloch people, saying international community should stop Pakistan Baloch massacre .Dr Allah Nazar Baloch based in Balochistan mountainous regions said this in a recent statement. 
Allah Nazari, said to be the operational commander of Balochistan liberation front (BLF), said the US “must intervene in Balochistan and stop the Baloch massacre”.
Addressing a speech to Baloch nation through a recording Dr Allah Nazar the gold midlist; said the resolution moved in the US House of Representatives by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher was “not against the sovereignty of Pakistan”.
The 44-year-old Dr Nazar said Baloch youths, lawyers, politicians, students, journalists and even women had been abducted and put in tortures for years without any charge, he said Pakistan so called civilized state has been killing Baloch for the last 64 years, under these conditions he said any moral or economical support from any foreign country would warmly be welcomed by Baloch nation.
Rebellion leaders denied of any foreign support.
Dr Nazar said Baloch is fighting a secular and liberal war for its independence. He alleged Baloch movement is not backed by the name of religion like other Muslims nations of world fighting.
The situation in Balochistan is critical as military operations have been continuing for the past six years,” Rebell leader said.
The Baloch people will not negotiate on anything less than independence of Balochistan, he added.
“On the one hand, they speak for negotiation , while on the other they continue to brutally kill Baloch people and throw their bullet-riddled, mutilated bodies,” Dr Nzar alleged.
In a 22 minitues speech the Baloch rebellion leader urged the international community to interfere in Balochistan and stop Pakistan killing Baloch.” Civilized country of world should support Baloch freedom movement morally as well as economically”


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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