Reconciliation with Tamils in Sri Lanka

The Myths, The Mysteries, The Mindless and The Misleaders
I admire Mahinda Aiya’s false convictions, courage and audacity to stand by what is wrong instead of what is right. Only criminals believe in such a state of mind. A murderer while being read the verdict of guilty still believes that he is innocent or at least pretend to be innocent.

| Subramaniam Masilamany

(November 22, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Two men woke up in the morning, one man went straight to work to make life for himself, his family and his nation; he wanted to be an agent of change and charter of the future; the other man got up and wandered in the yonder as to how he can plunder from the former, whom he can fool, what he can misappropriate, whose life I can destroy to get a drink and a meal. Do you get it folks? Rest assured, the first man will never fail and the second man will never succeed. I have summarized the Sri Lankan situation in one simple small sentence. It is two different definitions to life and hence two different life styles. Lock up an eagle in cage and it will bite the bars. Why? Freedom; it is natural and an inborn effect.
If Sri Lanka desires peace and freedom, constitutional changes are the sincere and the path of least resistance to reconciliation. What is written below can be summarized in one sentence. We Tamils are winning and we Tamils have the vantage point, and hence there should not be any talk of reconciliation without constitutional guarantees. The rest is mere coffee table talk. All along they were able intimidate us, now they lost that advantage for we are living in the freer western jurisdiction so Tamil people exercise your freedom of choice; chose to be free. There is nothing more to lose, all you are left with is the ability to think, which no enemy can take it away. Get it?
I may be wrong, but did Mahinda Rajapaksa or any one associated with him is talking about reconciliation. An absolute no and a categorical negative. It is the gofers and catchers who are being paid to say so, I met one of those catchers but we caught him. Then once the international efforts and pressure wane off and Tamils divided, again, the crusade will continue and Mahinda will say I never said anything about reconciliation, it was the Tamils who were talking about reconciliation. Mahinda Aiya, we know too much about your intellect, flow of personality and the modus operandi, simply said it proxy politics. He is talking through the proxies; he is not talking about reconciliation. Mahinda Aiya, you always operate through proxies from murders to money making. It is too obvious.
I admire Mahinda Aiya’s false convictions, courage and audacity to stand by what is wrong instead of what is right. Only criminals believe in such a state of mind. A murderer while being read the verdict of guilty still believes that he is innocent or at least pretend to be innocent. Mahinda Aiya believes in nothing is impossible but we do believe that impossible is nothing, we will see what wins than who wins. Moral justice always wins. It is a war between Mahinda Rajapaksa and morality.
Reconciliation must begin with restitutive justice, that is one must find out if peoples fundamental rights were violated. In Sri Lanka it has been going on since 1950s and that is why we have a huge Diaspora population around the world. One must ask the question why people want to leave this nation of Sri Lanka. It is because there is no justice and hence no civil society. Reconciliation is the cover under which Mahinda Rajapaksa is trying to bury all his criminal activities, murders, massacres, rapes and torture. He is con artist, impostor, swindler, murderer, widow maker, wife killer, staterrorists etc. That investigation has to be done first for one cannot negotiate with a felon and make an agreement and pact with a criminal. The violated must know who the violator; and in any social agreement the criminal is isolated and excluded and sometime confined. In capital markets insider traders are banned for life from the market place. Mahinda Rajapaksa must allow an independent international tribunal to investigate his past 40 years and see if he is guilty of any wrong doing. And then he must be excluded from the civil society and public life, if found guilty. When criminals, drug dealers run the government, invariably there will be violence, deceit, connivance, corruption, murders etc.
Secondly there is more than ample evidence that there are criminals, drug dealers, and suspected murderers in the government of Mahinda Rajapaksa. That is a fact. How can people reconcile with criminals and the like? They are criminals because they have no jurisprudence hence they will never understand equitable justice but they understand summary executions and the like vices. It was all too obvious when Mahinda Rajapaksa told Premachnadra’s daughter Hirunika to shut up for he thinks in his mind what happened was justifiable but it needs no justice. He thinks the strongest has the patent to what is right and what he thinks right is the equitable justice. He thinks if people need peace then they must be ready to forgo freedom, he considers himself above the constitution and above God. That is a very serious assumption. I do not know if Mahinda Rajapaksa is stupid like Mahathamuktha or if I am stupid. But let see if I make any sense, please let me know if I am stupid.
Isn’t democracy a government of the people by the people for the people? There is no government in the world without a nation of people. So people in the self interest make government. Then the government represents the aspirations of the people. But the very people can be over the generation imbued in poisonous feeling and hence may not be suitable for electing a just government. The question is which came first, the misguided Sri Lankan population or the monstrous Mahinda Rajapaksa as a leader. If one reads “The social Contract” by Jean Jacques Rousseau, he very clearly argues the contract among all people of the nation must be fair and equitable so that the people can bring forth their best in creativity. But the situation in Sri Lanka is, are the people ready for democracy based on freedom, peace and prosperity or one based on racism and fanaticism?
Let’s talk further; Mahinda Rajapaksa is a lawyer or so he says, G.L Peiries is a professor in law and there are lots lawyers in the government, then they all know that the right of the people are maintained through the application of laws as administered by the judiciary enshrined in the constitution. Then why are all these people talking about reconciliation via media propaganda. The easiest way is to amend the constitution and if there are any problems then people will seek remedy through the judiciary. Simple isn’t it? Oocam Razor principle is the maxim that behind all complicated situations are present a simple solution or behind all complicity there is simplicity. The simple solution to the complicated Sri Lankan dilemma is a constitution acceptable to both majority and the minority. But are the Sri Lankan magnanimous and deeper in understanding to know that in their self interest they must respect the interest of their neighbour? I am not ready to return to Sri Lankan until Sri Lankan people and polity becomes emancipated. We are part of the whole and the whole is not possible even if there is a tiny hole. When I compare the progress I made in Canada and the progress I have contributed to Canada, I now have an obligation to Canada, If there is need I am willing go to the front line, if the need will arise again. This is not based on racism or fanaticism, but based on how they have put people in charge of the nation. The Prime Minister and the Parliament is merely a law making factory and the rest is left to the people and the judiciary.
Criminals are made not born; unfortunately several of them were born in dysfunctional families. That breakdown in the family structure has caused this nation to return to nature. Every Tamil should be very weary and cautious for that family and the institution of marriage were the greatest contribution we made to the humanity that is under threat from the criminal government. When that social fabric breaks down, criminals are made. I hope the Singhalese leaders reflect on my contention and see where they went wrong or were they children of illegitimate parents and dysfunctional families. How else can you explain one child becomes magnanimous and other becomes murderous? Same children, same environment, same community but different behaviour, it must the parents, community and the alma mater Sad indeed. When I read on Sunday observer new paper praising Mahinda Rajapaksa as the greatest leader, I came to the conclusion that a man is willing prostitute his faculty of moral right for money.
Coming back to reconciliation and the role of the government, the parliament enacts the laws, and the executive branch administers the law and the judiciary as the moderator. Is there any problem with it? The people who are talking about reconciliation without constitutional amendments are either pulling wool over our eyes or sending us on wild goose chase. This idea of reconciliation is an eye wash and hogwash; it is to divide, confound, confuse, conquer, disorient and destroy a community of people called Tamils. Let us tread with trepidation. People must understand that in the absence of economic prosperity, parity is impossible and man as an animal will always look for advantage over the other man. A man must be physically, mentally and economically strong to live. That is the nature of the universe to select the best and propagate the strong. Let us not be naïve that the Cyclops will not devour us, if it does offer peace and sanctuary it is for it to consume the weak at a later time, but never in the interest of making the weak strong. Tamils must understand that Trust and faith have their limit and is of no use when not reinforced with raw physical power or unbiased constitutional power. Compassion, care, sympathy and understanding are only applicable when you are down and under, may be when you are equal, but never when you try to get ahead. Tamil worldwide must unite, improve their education and intellect and increase their material wealth. Always remember that man is an economic opportunistic animal ready to even kill for its own survival sake, but sometimes it talks about moral rights, and if it does it is weak. That is all to it, it is never great. No human being is well balanced in its poise. Don’t be silly and don’t become patsy. Always think man is another animal. One will never go wrong in being conservative and careful. Apathy and kindness are only for the weak. If you remain weak you are okay, but you can be weak only by surrendering your civil rights and liberty. Tamils have a long way to go in emancipating politically. Man is still an animal in nature kept under control by covenants. That is the only way it can be kept under control. It will never be a civic animal with this present hereditary configuration. There are animals with much better genetic configuration than human beings.
The next question is can Mahinda Rajapaksa lead reconciliation? No, his intellect is criminality. He even tells the loved ones of murdered person to calm down and reconcile with the enemy. Let’s go further, in 1991 there were two murders and he is suspected to have some thing to do with it. Who knew about it? The opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe and John Amaratunga. There is no possibility or even remote probabilities of reconciling with Mahinda Rajapaksa, why? Look at his past, how can one negotiate with the criminal? He is not serious and genuine about reconciliation, he is just responding to the current situation, when the situation changes he will go back his natural bahaviour after all he is a human animal. I will do the same, we all do. So then we need a new government in Sri Lanka to talk about reconciliation. What will happen if Tamils do not agree to reconcile? All that has to happen has happened, but the reconciliation is necessary for Mahinda Rajapaksa to survive and to get out from under the war crimes. There is nothing for Tamils in it. Then consider the Diaspora Tamils and 60 million Tamils in South India and the space between Sri Lanka and South Pole. Geographically, demographically and economically we are at vantage point, which Tamil National Alliance does not know and understand. That is why they want to reconcile, there is nothing for them to give us, and in fact they need us. But whatever we do has to be done through constitutional reform. There are few Tamils who have no clue except they received some perks such as sex, food or money.
For 60 years the Tamils kept on asking for their constitutional rights and it was never heeded. Why now? You won the war, at least you claim so, why are you desperate for reconciliation? Because there are allegations that need investigation and International laws have been violated and the Mahinda Rajapaksa is the prime respondent. He cannot escape but reconciliation is a means to get over it. If he can get Diaspora on his side then he can mitigate the outcome. So he thinks. LTTE was the out come of the Tamil frustration over negotiations. You say you won the war then it is your duty to offer concessions so that people can think of reconciliation. To ask the vindicated to reconcile is like asking the wounded soldier to donate blood. LTTE has transformed into new entity, LIFTING TAMIL TALENT EVERYWHERE, now that is what it is. It is socio-economic- political out fit,
Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa and his educated and enlightened followers, stop your nonsense. You are trying to divide the Diaspora and divide the world community. I will give you one guarantee you will not succeed. We know who is who in Canada, which people are anti-Tamils, some people are against the Tamils, but they are Tamils, and they do not want Tamils to succeed. There is no pro- Singhalese or pro-Mahinda group in Canada. It is anti Tamils not because we are bad but we are hard working and enterprising, look the universities and the industrial heart land of Canada that will tell you all about who we are. We are now gaining political recognition. So go to plan B, that is make some serious and deep amendments to the constitution and bring it to us, let us study and give our feed back. What you need is a free country not only a peaceful country. Peace can be achieved with police state but freedom is only possible in a free nation. I will tell you we have some formidable people on this side who can think shrewder than you. Tamil are no more the pious, fearing, forgiving people. We stand up for our rights, rights identical and similar to yours, nothing more nothing less.
Recently one of your gofers was here and I was invited to meet him, I did not know it was him till I saw him. He wrote an article on Sri Lanka truth and he was lambasting the Tamils whom he came to ask for reconciliation. I offered but did not give $ 2500 for the rehabilitation of the IDPs, he spoke so eloquently about the plight of the IDPs and next day I read this article posted on Lankaweb damaging the Tamils in Canada… So you sent him to go divide the Tamils, isn’t it the motive? Mahinda Aiya, we all know you very well. King of proxies, you know that is your modus operandi. Try to see if you can change your operating system.
So all this talk about reconciliation is to get you off the war crime charges and if you can get the Diaspora divided, not necessarily divide and draw them to your side, you have made a major political coup and a victory, but Aiya, how are you going to silence voice of the Diaspora? It is time for you to plead guilty and step on the electric chair.
The moves are an ambitious and audacious and their success will depends on our failure to up hold universal laws of justice. But we must stand by our faith in the justice system of the world.
No Tamil should ever refuse to negotiate but not negotiate out of fear or deceit. Mahinda Rajapaksa has two third majorities in the parliament, does not matter how he got it, and then he has the means and tools to make constitutional amendments and guarantees. So then he should stop playing with the weak among the meek Tamils and feed them with bread crumbs to do the dirty work. Ignorance is the worst form of poverty, and there is limit ignorance, beyond ignorance it is evolution. Ignorance among the humans can be ameliorated but when that is not suffice it is evolution, then one has to be treated like a work animal. After 60 years of education and training if they are violent then it is definitely evolution, and hence we are dealing with two separate genera, plural of genus. 23 pair of chromosomes may not necessarily mean that we are on the same evolutionary plateau.
The reconciliation offered is like band aid solution to a severe social hemorrhage. There are a few fundamental cultural differences between the two communities. We Tamils cannot and will not ever follow their way of living. They have not shown any viable system in the last 60 years except all they did was to elect the most racist and fanatic of the two parties to power. The two main parties are one monster with two heads. Their only political tool and scapegoats are Tamils. It worked so well for the last 60 years and now they have none so they want to reconcile to see if they can find more palatable way to steal from us. I hope Tamils will be careful in making any investments in Sri Lanka. Why would I invest my hard work in Sri Lanka when I can better return and safety of my capital in other nations? Tamils in Sri Lanka may have to reconcile as an act of prudence, but the Diaspora do not have to. I do not even understand why they want to reconcile with the Diaspora. We are not going to help to invest without substantial concessions and constitutional guarantees. Three things are considered in making any investment, one safety and security of the capital, two growth or appreciation potential and three income or dividend potential. These are the fundamental basics of any investments. Tamils you learned and earned your money in very many hard ways so be prudent, professional and practical with our money. There are world class cities where you can invest your money. You all know what happened to all the British investments in Sri Lanka., so be careful.
I am asking the Pseudo Diaspora Tamil are you acting through your ignorance or through corruption? Why would you go around breaking your community? You are either ignorant or you are inept. So go get a good immersion course on Sri Lankan politics and than come back with your sharp mind, I bet you will begin to see a better picture. If the Singhalese need it they will come to us and we will lay down all the conditions for equitable solution. Majority of Tamils are hard working people, they do not have the time to immerse in the nuts and bolts of the Sri Lankan situation. Trust us that we are at a stronger position to enter into negotiation but let see what they have to offer. Reconciliation is not an offer it is an eye wash and Mahinda Rajapaksa wants to pull wool over our eyes. Let see who wins. It is in your able hands, play is wisely, think of your utopian culture and heritage, you future generations, we are winning why should be reconcile when we can have it all. Rest assured that we are winning.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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