Reply: Sri Lankan High Commission , Ottawa


Here is text of the letter received from the Sri Lanka High Commission, Ottawa;

Sri Lanka Guardian

(October 17, Ottawa, Sri Lanka Guardian) This has reference to the unsigned news item by a Sri Lankan student in Canada, published in your website on 10th October 2011.
The High Commission carefully notes the contents of the news item. The “Sri Lankan Student” is perhaps unaware that a large number of Sri Lankans, including students, are in constant contact with the High Commission in Ottawa and the Consul General’s Office in Toronto. They actively contribute and support us in many fields. The High Commission and the Consul General’s Office are always open to the Sri Lankans and to all other interested parties who wish to play a positive role. Our contact details are as follows:
Sri Lanka High Commission/ Ottawa
Address : 333 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 1204
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1C1
Telephone : 613 233 8449
Fax : 613 238 8448
e-mail :
website :
Sri Lanka Consul General’s Office/ Toronto
Address : No 36 Eglinton West, Suite 301, Toronto, Ontario M4R 1A1
Telephone : 416 323 9133
Fax : 416 323 3205
e-mail :
website :

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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