Roads to Reconciliation

Top European Think-Tank Releases Review on 
Post-War Sri Lanka

( March 19, 2012, Paris, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ifri, the French Institute of International Relations (Institut français des relations internationales) released its report of the round table “Post-War Sri Lanka: Roads to Reconciliation”. Held at Ifri on 9 December, 2011, the round table organized by the Center for Asian Studies of Ifri addressed broad topics and raised fundamental questions pertaining to reconciliation in post-war countries through a comparative analysis.
Placed under the Chatham House Rule to facilitate a free exchange of ideas, this initiative gathered a panel of practitioners and experts on Sri Lanka as well as non-regional specialists with expert knowledge of other post-conflict situations. The round table was opened by Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka who presented his views on the lessons learned from Sri Lanka ’s conflict by highlighting the complexity, unevenness and open-ended nature of the Sri Lankan scenario.
The report resumes the points of consensus, which are i) the need to understand the political context and the roots of the conflict and ii) the need to define the meaning of reconciliation. It also discusses the points of dissensus that arose during the debate; the main points of disagreement been linked to issues of accountability with a view to a future reconciliation process in Sri Lanka .


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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