Rule of law will be upheld – President Waheed

President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik speaking during his first press conference after taking the oath of office today: Dr. Waheed assures that rule of law will be upheld. PHOTO/ IBRAHIM FAID
( February 08, Male, Sri Lanka Guardian) In a statement to the public after taking the oath of office as the fifth president following the resignation of Mohamed Nasheed, President Dr. Waheed assured the public that no unlawful order would be issued to the Police, the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF), or to any individual.
President Dr. Mohamed Waheed in his first press conference as the president assured that the rule of law and the constitutional rights of each and every individual would be protected in the country.
He stated that it was today the sovereignty of the Constitution was upheld and rule of law in its true sense was restored.
He added it was today that people got the assurance of rule of law and the protection of law.
“The nation witnessed difficult times in the recent past, but today the Maldivian people have made a momentous decision,” Dr. Waheed added.
“Following that decision, the rule of law must be upheld at any cost,” said the President.
He said differences among political parties and the public must be set aside for the sake of national unity.
He urged everyone to join hands in the interest of the public.
Speaking on transitional justice, the President said the laws must not be violated in any vendetta against political leaders.
He also extended his gratitude to the armed forces and the police for having the courage and integrity to rise in the defense of the constitution and the rights of the entire nation.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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