Russia: Presidential Election 2018 — candidates income officially declared

Of course, this declaration will do nothing to deter the allegations, since those making them will simply allege Putin’s “real” income is hidden from view.

( February 11, 2018, Moscow, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Central Election Commission for the Russian Federation has released the declared income for all the presidential candidates in the 2018 election This hasn’t been widely reported in the western media and even those reporting it don’t seem to have linked to the source, so we thought we’d do so here.

Of most interest to most people in the West presumably will be the declared income of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, since the allegations of massive personal enrichment and corruption continue unabated in the media, despite a continued lack of evidence to support them. Of course, this declaration will do nothing to deter the allegations, since those making them will simply allege his “real” income is hidden from view. But, still, for what it’s worth, here are the official numbers, in original Russia and in translation:


Sources and total revenue for the six years preceding the election year:
salary, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, income from deposits in banks, military pension: 38,528,817 rubles .

Real estate:
apartments: 1 apartment – 77 sq. m, Saint-Petersburg;
garages: 1 garage – 18 sq.m, St. Petersburg.

Means of transport:
3 cars – GAZ 21M, 1960, GAZ-21M, 1965, VAZ-2121 Niva, 2009
car trailer “Scythian”, 1987.

Money held in bank accounts:
13 accounts – 13,824,389.84 rubles.

Shares and other participation in commercial organizations:
PJSC “Bank Saint Petersburg” – 230 shares.

Property commitments:*
apartment – 153.7 sq.m, Moscow (perpetual use, the order of the Moscow Government),
a garage – 18 sq. m, St. Petersburg (membership in the VOA).

*we are not clear what “property commitments” means, if anyone can clarify it would be helpful

Putin’s declared income for 2012-2018 amounts to approximately £500,000 or $660,000. That’s a little under £100,000 0r $160,000 per annum. His declared shares in Bank St. Petersburg amount to approximately 13,000 rubles (£160 or $220).

Pavel Grudinin, the Communist Party candidate, had a declared income of 157,413,983.26 rubles (approximately £1.95m or $2.7m), roughly three times that declared by Putin in the same period, and he declares more property as well, in both his name and his wife’s.

Zhirinovsky the “Liberal Democrat” candidate also has a considerably larger declared income than Putin – 98,291,079.57 rubles (approximately £1.22m or $1.6m). He also declares 8 houses and 2 empty plots of land, 19 bank accounts with 29,896,102.23 rubles in them – over twice Putin’s declaration. Zhirinovsky also declares 73,529,411 shares in VTB Bank (currently worth approximately £43,000, or $60,000).

The wealthiest candidate we have looked at so far is Ksenia Sobchak who has a declared income of 403,855,488.75 rubles ( approximately £5m or $7m).

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