“Sana would come a day; we thought”

A gathering with missing persons family in Karachi

Sana Baloch went missing in 2009 near his home town Kulpur, his family members followed every way for his recovery, Sana left five brothers behind him, he was in third in number and even not married yet.
( February 17, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Martyred BRP leader Sana Baloch’s sister wasn’t involved in her brother funeral why?
She gave more priority to the protest taken out in Karachi by Political activists and missing person’s family members, she appeared in Karachi press club along with the others who’s beloved ones are missing yet.
Zarina Baloch; sister of BRP leader believes, “it was necessary for her to attend the protest in order to show the world what’s happening there in Balochistan, these were the reasons she didn’t attend the funeral of her brother.”
“Aim of attending protest is to immediately draw the attention of international community to hinder pakistan killing and dumping Baloch , As they had dumped San, whose body carries 28 bullets, there were signs of tortures, violence like they aimed to collapse his body, I don’t think it’s an Islamic country Zarina Baloch added.”
According to her, Sana’s fault was only that he demanded for Baloch rights, he talked of Baloch and Balochistan, they tortured him, put him in custody, interrogated than,,,,,,,,,,, killed him like hundred others. After a long breath “They I mean Pakistani hoodlum must remember a hundred of young people will come in this battle field, we are not to surrender like them who lay down in 1971,,,,,, the terrorist Paki army”. She added bravely.
Sana Baloch went missing in 2009 near his home town Kulpur, his family members followed every way for his recovery, Sana left five brothers behind him, he was in third in number and even not married yet.
Sana’s father Haji Jan Mohammad more than sixty, is a little retailer He was there in protest camp when received the news of his son death, he left the camp and went to his native home town. Old Jan Mohammad from the last two years had been appearing before supreme court and high court, a commission for missing persons was also created, he appeared before commission for four times but nothing happened.
“Hearing before the deputy commissioner an Army colonel said rudely, none of Baloch were in their custody they go to Afghanistan get trained by Indian army, return in Balochistan target governmental infrastructure and go back to the scene, Army colonel also had a picture of my son but I knew that Sana was nowhere but in their custody his father said” Sana’s bullet riddled body was neither found in Afghanistan nor near Pak-Afghan border but in district Turbat more than 2200 kilometers far from Afghanistan. Four young men who were in custody with Sana Baloch released some months back, They told of Sana to us and said he was with them in custody, they didn’t tell us how they treated with him because four men believed if they told us the reality than we might be more worried, but I could judge from their expressions Sana was being tortured and interrogated, however we expected they the ISI thugs may release Sana like those four men, we were sure Sana would come one day but we didn’t know we had to receive his brutally tortured body one of Sana’s family member said us.” Sana Baloch like other political workers just had the slogans of Long Live Balochistan, and then he joined the Baloch independence movement and then became deeply concerned his father told BBC Urdu. Another young man Zakir Majeed, from the same district Mastung; had been missing since 2009, he was picked up on his way to Quetta by security forces near district Khuzdar. His sister Farzana Baloch is also sitting in front of Karachi press club for her brother safe recovery. Ms. Farzana Baloch while talking to us said” During a hearing in capital city of Islamabad at supreme court of Pakistan chief justice Ifthekar Ahmad Chuadry asked me to go home soon her brother would soon be back to house but only bullet riddled bodies are coming to our houses” she further told us her mother health is getting bad to worst day by day when she hears of bullet riddled bodies, she thinks of young zakir and weeps. She fears if her son body will not be thrown. It should be remembered US congress subcommittee has before expressed its concentration against human rights violation in Balochistan.
Pakistani national assembly passed a resolution and called the Baloch issue an internal affair of Pakistan. While Voice for Baloch missing persons voice chairman Abdul Qadeer Baloch believes kill and dumping of Baloch missing persons one by one in recent days is a reaction from Pakistan government after congressional hearing. Qadeer Baloch says though Pakistan has been killing them from 2009 but now faster series of kill and dump has begun. Mr. Qadeer urged the international human rights organization including international media to interfere in Balochistan and hinder Pakistan killing the Baloch.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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