Sinhalese Belief of LTTE Terrorism and Land Powers

| by Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

(November 04, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lankans of Tamil origin are concerned about the moves of the Government in relation to Land ownership. One such move that caused anxiety is the requirement to re-register Lands in Northern Sri Lanka. In his report ‘Situation in North-Eastern Sri Lanka: A series of serious concerns’ the Hon Sumanthiran, MP states :
The simple question is – why would Sinhalese families want to come to the land of Terrorists? If they come willingly – then their claim of terrorism is proven false through that move. Terrorists or no Terrorists – Tamils belong in North.
‘Out of a total land mass of 65,619 sq km, Tamil people inhabited 18,880 sq km of land in the North and East, but after May 2009, the defence forces have occupied more than 7,000 sq km of land owned by Tamil people. There is one member of the armed forces for approximately every ten civilians in the Jaffna Peninsula.’
According to the above – land possession by Tamils has dropped from 29% to 18% due to the battle in May 2009.
Even though Tamils know that the requirement to re-register is not lawful, they are still concerned. It is indeed the duty of every citizen to protect the Land from unjust occupation – even though it may seem legal.
Those who believe in the practice of Yoga would know that the place and time of yoga practice are considered important. I know this from my own meditation experience. My focus is better at certain places of my home than at others. Likewise at certain times. Land absorbs our energies. The place at which Truth is spoken; something serious happens – is believed to have powers. I believe that these powers are True powers. Most of us feel this power within places of worship. Others at their places of work and at home. We feel aura with some individuals / groups more than with others. This is called Love. To my mind, Vastu in Hindu Architecture is based on this. It is not unknown to Western culture.
Land in Northern Sri Lanka now carries stronger energies than before after the battle of Vanni in 2009. Those who died have left their Truth on the Land where the death occurred. One who believes in that Land will connect to their Truth including through evidence. To those who believe that they died fighting for their freedom – this Land would be sacred. To those who thought that the dead were terrorists – this land would be infected by negative energies from those Terrorists.
As per the above report by Mr. Sumanthiran; ‘Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya is reported to have said that steps are being taken to establish permanent Army formations in the North and East with troops on duty even being given permanent houses in those areas. He is reported to have said “Army personnel arriving in those areas for duty are to be provided permanent houses and allowed to engage in cultivation work if they so desire.’
Given that most army personnel would have classified the LTTE as Terrorists, such Tamil lands would carry negative energies. They would need far stronger belief in freedom than those who died on that land, to be unaffected by such energies which to them are negative terrorism energies. Those who believe that Tamils are also Sri Lankans would be protected and supported by the energies of dead Tamils. Likewise, the energies of Sinhalese and Muslims who died during the war.
When one learns about lawlessness in South, one starts wondering whether these negative energies are being carried by the soldiers to the South – physically and mentally. Hasty occupation of lands may give the impression of ownership. But unless one is strongly committed to one’s duty and/or the Truth – one would not have protection against negative forces from the Land. If the land was Motherland for the displaced and the killed – occupiers risk being infected by these negative energies. Grease-Yakas/devils strongly indicate that such negative forces have been already invoked. It matters not whether these are the creation of the armed forces or civilians. They are manifestations of Truth – that so long as aliens occupy lands by evicting those to whom those lands were ‘homes’ – the negative forces would keep surfacing in various forms. When the displaced families hurt – the families of unjust occupiers would hurt. Truth never fails those who uphold Truth. Their Truth when expressed may be ‘wrong’ as per the laws of the country. But one driven by Truth is never wrong in her/his homeland. Those who were evicted, displaced and/or killed – in the name of law, for their belief in their homeland would become negative energies adversely affecting those custodians of lawful powers who use the law without belief, in someone else’s homeland.
The simple question is – why would Sinhalese families want to come to the land of Terrorists? If they come willingly – then their claim of terrorism is proven false through that move. Terrorists or no Terrorists – Tamils belong in North. It’s their home. Those who disturb Tamils in their homes are accumulating strong negative karma – as we are already witnessing.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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