SPECIAL REPORT: Human Rights Violations in Balochistan

BSO-Azad Report for the year 2011
( 01 March 2012, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian)
January 2011
5th January, Gwadar: – police raided the house of Yasir Baloch, who was abducted 8 months before; harassed the women and arrested three people (Nasir Baloch {father of Yasir}, Asan Baloch and Khair Jan Baloch).
5th January, Quetta: – The bullet-riddled body of Yousuf Langov was found in Quetta, who was abducted a year before from Mangochar on 30th November 2009.
5th January, Mastung: – A Baloch named Ghulam Muhammad was abducted from a wagon in Mastung by Pakistani forces.
5th January, Turbat: – Pakistan army abducted two Balochs from Turbat, identified as Fateh Muhammad and Noor Ahmed and assaulted the students in a local college.
6th January, Turbat: – The bullet riddled bodies of abducted students, Qambar Chaker and Ilyas Nazar were found near Pasni road. Qambar was abducted a month before from his home in Turbat and Ilyas Nazar was abducted from a bus while he was on his way from Quetta to Turbat.
6th January, Hub Chowki: – A Baloch named, Muhammad Nawaz, son of Akbar marri was abducted from Windar by Pakistan army.
9th January, Panjgur: – Two bullet riddled bodies were found in the area of Balgatar near Panjgur . They were shot on chest and head. They were local sellers of jackets and shoes in Panjgur and were residents of Hazar Ganji Quetta. They were identified as Taj Jan Marri and Meer Jan Marri.
9th January, Noshki: – Sarwar Jamaldini, a resident of Noshki was tortured to death by Pakistan army.
12th January, Quetta: – Pakistan army attempted to abducted Vice Chairperson of B.N.M. Saeed Yousaf Baloch, However, their attempt was made unsuccessful by the the locals.
12th January, Basema: – Two Baloch singers were abducted from Basema by the security forces from a hotel. They were identified as Ali Jan Baloch and Nadeem Baloch.
12th January, Quetta: – Pakistan army raided the house of Advocate Mehrab Khan Gichki and Meer Muhammad Khan Raees and harassed their family members including women and children.
13th January, Hub Chowki: – Ramzan Mengal, a resident of Hub Chowki was abducted by Pakistan army from a local bank.
14th January, Quetta: – Ayaz Baloch, a student of Balochistan University and resident of District Kech was abducted from a hotel near Balochistan University by Pakistan army.
16th January, Quetta: – According to Ayub langov, his brother, Muhammad Sadiq who was working in government office went missing from 12th January. He went for work but never showed up.
16th January, Soorab: – The bullet riddled body of abducted Zakria Baloch was found in the area of Soorab. He was abducted a month before by Pakistani forces from Poly technique College Quetta and was a member of B.S.O. (Azad).
17th January, Naseerabad/Dera Bugti: – Pakistan launched a massive operation against the Baloch people and arrested around 40 people and also harassed and humiliated the women and children of the area.
18th January, Ormara & Khuzdar: Three brutally tortured bullet riddled bodies were found in different areas of Baluchistan. The dead bodies were identified as Ahmed Dad, the Member of B.R.P. and Naseer Kamalan, central committee member of B.N.M. and were found in Ormara. While Nisar Mengal’s body was found in the area of Khuzdar who was abducted few months ago, he was the brother of Rasool Bux Mengal who was also murdered by Pakistan army last year.
18th January, Dera Bugti: – Pakistan army opened indiscriminate fire on a Baloch village killing several cattle and harassed and abducted the local residents. The Pakistan army also burnt more than 50 houses of the innocent Baloch people. The women and children spent the upcoming days shelter-less and suffered from various diseases due to miserable conditions.
19th January, Gwadar: – Local police of Gwadar tortured the employees of a local restaurant, Noora and Habib Baloch along with their other friend.
20th January, Mastung: – The Bullet riddled body of Mumtaz Kurd was found in Mastung; he was missing for three months and he was the cousin of Ali Sher Kurd who was also tortured to death by Pakistani forces.
20th January, Dera Bugti: – A massive operation was launched in Dera bugti by Pakistan army. The forces burnt the houses and abducted the Zonal Organizer of B.R.S.O. Khuda Buksh, son of Manoo and Ghulam Qadir and several others.
23rd January, Mastung: – Four Baloch students and members of B.S.O. (Azad) were brutally tortured after arrest by Pakistani Forces. They are named as Shameer Baloch, Sabir Baloch, Waqar Baloch,Ibrahim Baloch.
24th January, Panjgur: – Four Baloch students were abducted from their friend’s house by Pakistan army, identified as Abid Saleem, Nasir Dagarzai, Abid Rasool Bux, Mehrab Paroomi
24th January, Dera Bugti: – Pakistan army after abducting the brother of Raheem Bugti , the Zonal President of B.R.P. ,arrested his mother, Hanifia Bugti ; harassed and thrashed the protestors.
25th January, kalat: – The bullet-riddled dead body of Muhammad Azam’s was found near Marjan Highway. He was abducted by personnel of Pakistani forces.
25th January, Kalat: – Abdul Raoof Qambarani was abducted while he was travelling from Hub to Kalat with his family. The family members resisted but forces suppressed them with brutality, injuring several family members. He is the cousin of Waheed Qambarani who was murdered by Pakistan while in illegal custody.
27th January, Dera Bugti: – In a massive operation previously launched in Dera Bugti by Pakistan army, the forces illegally detained and brutally tortured around 200 women and children.
28th January, Panjgur: – The tortured dead body of abducted Abid Rasool Bux was found from Gwargo.
February 2011
1st February, Khuzdar: – The tortured bullet-riddled dead body of Baloch singer Ali Jan was found from Khuzdar. He was abducted on 12th of January from Basema.
2nd February, Turbat: – Pakistani Army raided the house of Rasool Bux Baloch, a clerk at a local school, and opened indiscriminate firing, severely injuring his 16 years old son Nabeel and his daughter and also looted the valuables in the house. Rasool Baksh Baloch along with his nephew was also abducted.
3rd February, Moosa Khel and Barkhan: – Pakistani army abducted 29 Balochs without any discrimination in age. They were among the age 13 to 65 and all were charged for conspiracy against the state, Pakistan.
3rd February, Turbat: – Pakistani forces flied fake charges against the 16 year old boy Nabeel, his father Rasool bux and cousin Sohail Baloch in a local police station. Nabeel was severely injured by Pakistani forces while raiding and looting their house.
4th February, Khuzdar: – Pakistani forces brutally murdered three Balochs, Hamid Baloch, Lal Khan Baloch and Meer Ahmed Baloch, who were previously abducted. Their tortured dead bodies were found from Feroz Abad, Khuzdar.
4th February, Bolan: – Pakistani forces along with some religious people began a massive operation against the Baloch people, using jet fighters and army machinery on Baloch civilians. They burnt all the crops and poisoned the only water stream in the area. Valuables of the locals were looted.
4th February, DERA BUGTI: – Pakistan forces raided the house of a local Baloch, Ghulam Muhammad Bugti and arrested many residents of Dera Bugti. They abducted two innocent Balochs, Darak Khan Bugti and Meer Hassan Bugti while they were on their way to police station to launch an F.I.R. against the people who killed their brother.
5th February, DERA BUGTI – Pakistani forces raided the house of slained Baloch leader, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, arrested the local farmers living there and took them to unknown location and also burnt the crops.
7th February, SIBI and BOLAN: – Pakistani forces launched a massive operation against the Baloch people in the areas of Sibi and Bolan and arrested many of the innocent Balochs and took them to unknown locations. They also demolished the houses of the Baloch population living there.
8th February, KOHLU: – Pakistani forces brutally martyred a Baloch shepherd, Mata Khan who was abducted while he was grazing his cattle, his dead body was found near the check post of Pakistan army near Beer Koh. In an other incident, a father and a son, respectively Haji Gul Muhammad and Ali Nawaz were abducted by the Pakistani forces.
10th February, HUB CHOWKI: Dad Baksh Baloch a resident of Pasni was abducted by the Pakistani forces while he was on his way from Pasni to Karachi along with his cousin; his cousin was severely beaten in the attempt to abduct him.
10th February, Turbat: – Iranian forces in the border area, opened fire area on an innocent Baloch Noor Bux Shambezai by which he was severely injured.
10th February, Tehran: – Iranian forces raided a mosque in Sadat Abad and brutally tortured the innocent Balochs, who belonged to the Sunni sect and arrested the religious leader.
13th February, Mastung: – Pakistani army launched an operation in the area of Kali Dathu and hurled hand grenades on the houses of Baloch, destroyed their houses, harassed Baloch women and children and abducted two young students, Essa Khan, aged 10 and Muhammed Hashim, aged 12.
14th February, Quetta: A bullet-riddled body of a Baloch missing person was found from Sabzal Road in Quetta on Sunday. The body was identified as Abdul Jabbar, son of Muhammad Baksh Langov. The victim was abducted by Pakistani forces about a month ago.
15th February, Uthal: – The brutally tortured bullet riddled body of Arzi Khan Marri was found near Zero point in Uthal. He was abducted along with his cousin Sohbat Khan Marri on 29th of September 2010 from the industrial town of Hub.
15th February, Khuzdar: – Saeed Mengal’s tortured bullet-riddled body was found in Khuzdar. Saeed was a political activist and was a resident of Khuzdar and was abducted forty five days ago.
15th February, Quetta: – Pakistani forces raided the house of the Chief Editor of Branz, Zahir Shah Baloch and tortured and harassed the women and children and abducted Agha Nadir Shah Baloch, younger brother of Zahir Shah Baloch.
15th February, Tehran: – Iranian court convicted 4 Balochs as suspect of Chahbahar blast and sentenced them to death while several other Balochs were also arrested by the Iranian regime without any substanitail evidence.
16th February, Pasni: – Resident of Pasni, Babu Bohair Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces, while he was on his way from Karachi to Pasni on the Coastal highway.
18th February, DERA BUGTI: – Pakistan army started a massive operation in the areas of Dera Bugti and assaulted innocent Baloch people; they also planted mines on the public paths which led to ponds and cattle grazing areas.
18th February, Mastung: – Pakistani forces began an operation in the area of Mastung and arrested Hashim Baloch son of Essa Baloch. Hashim Baloch was taken to an unknown location.
19th February, Khuzdar: – Pakistani forces assaulted on the Baloch populated areas of Tootak near Khuzdar. They used automated weapons, which resulted in the death of two innocent Baloch students. The army raided all the houses in the town and viciously tormented innocent Baloch women and children and arrested more than 30 innocent Balochs who were taken to unknown locations. The houses of locals were destroyed and were set on fire.
20th February, Quetta: – Farid Dilawari Baloch son of Abdul Haleem Baloch was abducted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies from Saryab Raod Quetta. He was a student of Telecom Engineering in Khuzdar Engineering College and the Zonal Organizer of Baloch Students Organization (Azad).
22nd February, Mastung: – Pakistani forces bombarded the surrounding areas of Mastung district of Balochistan by fighter jets, resulting in the destruction of the houses belonging to the local Baloch population and the death of large number of cattle they owned.
23rd February, Gwadar: – Pakistan Army assaulted Balochs on the roads of Gwadar, tortured innocent Balochs, severely injured 15 of them.
23rd February, Dera Murad Jamali: – Pakistani forces abducted a Baloch Lawyer, Advocate Agha Zahir Shah while he was on his way from Dera Murad Jamali to Quetta.
24th February, Ormara: – Two Baloch political activists Rehman Arif Baloch and Mehboob Wadela Baloch were murdered by Pakistani forces. B.N.M. member, Mehbood Wadela, was abducted by Pakistani forces from Northern Bypass, near Yousuf Goth Karachi on April 2nd 2010, while he was on his way to Gwadar. B.R.P’s Gwader Zone’s member Abdul Arif Rehman Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces from Karachi while he was on his way to hospital in Ranchor Lane Karachi on Sept. 3rd 2010.
24th February, SIBI: – Pakistani forces abducted two Baloch transporters, Rawat Marri and Soorat Marri.
25th February: Pakistan army bombarded the area of Bamboor, killing a young child, a woman and a shepherd.
26th February, Dera Bugti: – Pakistani forces raided one of the towns of Dera Bugti and set on fire the crops of the local Baloch farmers.
28th February, DERA MURAD JAMALI: – Session judge of Sibi Jan Muhammad Gohar and Senior civil judge Muhammad Ali were abducted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies along with their security guard and driver while they were on their way to Sibi from Osta Muhammed.

March 2011
2nd March, Khuzdar: – Naeem Jamaldini, Coordinator of Human Rights Commission, Khuzdar was gunned down by Pakistani forces when he was at his shop. He received several bullets on his body and succumbed to his wounds.
3rd March, Khuzdar: – The brutally tortured bullet riddled body of Faiz Marri son of Jalal Marri was found in the area of Dasht near Quetta; he was abducted by Pakistani forces from Karachi Metropole hotel and was kept under military custody since 6th November 2010.
5th March, Mastung: – Two unrecognizable brutally tortured bullet riddled bodies were found in the area of Mastung.
7th March, Jivani: – Political activist, Sajid Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces from Jiwani.
7th March, Noshki: – Political activist, Hidayatullah was whisked away by Pakistani forces from Noshki area of Balochistan.
7th March, Naseerabad: – Pakistani forces raided the house of Ghulam Muhammad Bugti and harassed the children and family members and looted the valuables.
9th March: Mutilated bodies of three Balochs were found, who were previously abducted by Pakistan army.
The 16-year-old Yasir Baloch who was abducted by Pakistan on 16th of October 2010 along with his friend. He was shot bullets on his head and was extremely tortured. His body was dumped in Murghap region of Balochistan.
The second victim of Pakistani atrocities was Deen Muhammad Marri who was abducted by Pakistan army on 28th of February 2011, his severely tortured body was found at the zero point near Uthal.
The third victim of Pakistan’s barbarism was Noroz Mengal, his dead body was found in the Kalat area. His body too bore marks of extreme torture.
13th March, Jaffarabad: – Pakistan forces assaulted the house of Golu Bugti with mortars, resulting in the death of innocent Balochs, including Golu Bugti, his wife and their four children.
13th March, Quetta: – Bullet-riddled and brutally tortured body of Sher Zaman Kurd, an activist of the Baloch Students Organization (Azaad) was found at the western bypass near Quetta. He was murdered under the military custody of Pakistan.
15th March, Kalat: – Pakistani forces murdered Agha Mehmood Khan while he was driving to his home in Kalat, it also caused the death of one passer-by while severely injuring the other.
17th March, Dera Bugti: – Pakistani forces opened indiscriminate bombardment on Baloch villages, killing several cattles and tortured the local residents and abducted the peaceful activists. They also burnt houses of the local residents and the children and women were also harassed.
18th March, Chittar: – Pakistani forces raided the town of Goth Shams and broke into the houses of the locals and set them on fire and abducted three innocent Balochs.
21st March, Quetta: – Ex-chairman of B.S.O. Hameed Shaheen was abducted by Pakistani forces while he was on his way to Karachi from Quetta for his medical treatment.
22nd March, Quetta: – Hameed Shaheen’s brutally tortured and mutilated body was found in the Bolan Medical Hospital in Quetta. He was abducted one day before by the Pakistani intelligence agencies.
24th March, Windar: – Extremely tortured and mutilated bodies of Arif Noor Baloch and Nawaz Marri Baloch were found near Windar area of Balochistan.
Arif Noor Baloch was an officer in G.D.A. (Gwadar Development Authority) who came to Karachi for some medical treatment; he was abducted by Pakistani forces on October 31st 2010 from his apartment in the Garden area of Karachi.
Mohammad Nawaz Marri was a labor who worked on daily wages to provide for his family. He was arrested on Super Highway near Lasbella in Balochistan by Pakistani forces while he was returning from work on 05.01.2011. He was a resident of Windar town in Balochistan.
26th March, ISPAN BOLDAK – Two innocent Balochs were killed in a bomb-blast, planted in a motorcycle, injuring several others in a Bugti migrant camp in Afghanistan. According to the official statement of Afghanistan’s government, the bomb-blast had links with Pakistan’s notorious army.
26th March, Jaffarabad: – Pakistan army raided five towns of Jaffarabad and unleashed a massive search operation in Baloch-populated localities, looted the valuables from people’s houses and arrested 10 innocent local residents and five houses were set on fire.
27th March, Dera Bugti: – Nine brutally tortured dead bodies of Baloch missing persons were found from different parts of Balochistan. Six bullet riddled bodies were found in the Pat Mondrani area of Sui, four of them were identified as Koh Dil Bugti, Ali Baksh Bugti, Rehamdil and Shah Bakhsh Bugti, while the identification of others could not be ascertained, due to the immense tortured inflicted upon them. All of these innocent Balochs were previously abducted by Pakistani forces. Another mutilated dead body was also found from the area of Quetta, which was also not recognizable.
27th March, QUETTA: – Pakistan Army opened indiscriminate fire on a house of innocent Baloch, Habib Marri due to which he was killed and the children and women in the house were severely wounded.
28th March, Khuzdar: – Two mutilated bodies, including that of a Zonal Organizer of the Baloch Students Organization (Azaad), were recovered from different parts of Balochistan on Sunday. The body Fareed Baloch was found near a river in Ferozabad area of Khuzdar district. Fareed was whisked away 45 days before from Quetta by Pakistani forces.
28th March, Awaran: – A bullet-riddled body of Saleh Muhammad was recovered from Awaran district; he was a resident of Quetta. Saleh Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces while he was travelling in a passenger van near Breith area.
29th March, Jaffarabad: – Pakistan army raided different towns of Jaffarabad and burnt many houses due to which a child and aged person were burnt alive. Occupying forces tortured the women and children and looted their valuables and arrested more than 20 people.
31st March, Soorab: – A Baloch advocate, Farzind Baloch was abducted by Pakistani forces and was taken to an unknown location. He was abducted while he was travelling from Quetta to Karachi.
31st March, Mastung: – Brother of a Baloch Lawyer, Munir Advocate was abducted from his home by Pakistani forces.

April 2011
1st April, Quetta: The mutilated dead body of Mehboob Ali Baloch was found on Saryab road, Queeta. He was abducted from Dasht, Mastung a month ago. His body bore severe marks of torture.
1st April, Karachi: Abdul Qadir Baloch age 19, a clerk in a poultry company, was illegally arrested on the night of 1st April 2011, from Gaddap Malir (Siraj Ahmed village), Karachi. He was later on tried under false charges.
2nd April, QUEETA: The bullet-riddled body of abducted Baloch poet and journalist, Rehmatullah Shaheen, was recovered from Saryab area, Quetta. He was whisked away by Pakistan Army 0n 12t h of March 2011.
2nd April, Kalat: Rashid Mustafa Baloch was abducted by Pakistani Intelligence agencies from Kalat city.
3rd April, SUI: Pakistani atrocities continue, as four bullet riddled bodies of innocent Balochs were found from Sui, they were abducted by Pakistan army and were tortured brutally. All of them were shot in their head. The killed included Ghulam Qadir Baloch and Qaitran Baloch, who both were political activists.
6th April, KAHAN: Pakistani Army bombarded a village in Kahan district, resulting in the death of two innocent Baloch women. Two persons were also severely wounded. The bombardment was carried out indiscriminately.
7th April, Turbat: Pakistan forces opened indiscriminate fire on a civilian car critically injuring a Baloch woman.
8th April, NASEER ABAD: A Baloch house was raided in Naseer Abad. Pakistani forces viciously tortured children and women. They also burnt the house and took away the valuable. Political activist Shah dost was arrested along with three other persons. There were no charges against them.
9th April, PANJGUR: Pakistan Army arrested many innocent civilians after a bomb blast in the main market. Reports, based on false charges, were filed against many local Baloch political activists.
10th April, PANJGUR: Two abducted Balochs were killed and dumped in Panjgur city. Their bodies bore marks of severe torture.
13th April, KHUZDAR: Three Baloch laborers were abducted by Pakistani Intelligence agencies from a local hotel in khuzdar city.
18th April, QUEETA: An abducted Baloch student, Kareem Dehwar, was killed under illegal detention by Pakistani agencies. He was abducted on 14th February 2011. Deceased was a student at a law college.
20th April, KHUZDAR: Personnel of Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted a university lecturer, Hameed Mengal. He was abducted from city of Khuzdar.
21st April, HOOSHAB: Pakistani forces raided a hooshab market and tortured many Shopkeepers and other Baloch civilians. Their only crime was posting pictures of Baloch leaders on the walls of their shops.
21st April, NALENT: Zareef Baloch s/o Balaach was abducted by intelligence agencies when he was on his way to Karachi from Turbat.
22nd April, BARKHAN: A pro-government tribal head arrested many Balochs with the help of personnel of Pakistani forces.
24th April, AWARAN: Pakistani forces in Awaran raided many Baloch houses. Women and Children were beaten.
24th April, NEW KAHAN: Pakistan Army launched a massive operation in New Kahan. At least 14 Balochs were abducted during the raids. Women and children were also beaten.
25th April, JAFFARABAD: A massive military operation was launched in Jaffarabad. Many Balochs were reported missing after the operation. The forces burnt many Baloch houses during the operation.
26th April, TURBAT: The bullet-riddled bodies of abducted Zareef Faraz and Shamim Amin were found from Murgaap near Turbat.. They were tortured and killed under illegal detention.
26th April, KHUZDAR: Three more bullet riddled bodies of political activists Mutaza Zehri, Muhammad Ayub and Muhammad Hafiz were found from Khuzdar. Their bodies bore severe marks of torture.
28th April, ORMARA: Two more bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons were found on Makran Coastal Highway near Ormara Balochistan on Thursday morning. The bodies were taken to the local hospital of Ormara, where they were identified as Siddique Eido Baloch and Yousaf Baloch.
Siddique Eido Baloch was a Balochistan based Journalist and member of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Yousaf Baloch was a tailor master in Pasni. Both were abducted from Gwadar road Pasni by Pakistani military forces on December 21, 2010.
Siddique Eido Baloch, along with his companion, Yousaf Baloch, was on his way home to Pasni after appearing in a court in Gwadar when two vehicles, usually in the use of secret agencies, intercepted them on the main Gwadar Road of Pasni. The personnel bundled both of them into the vehicle and sped away.
30th April, KOHLU: Pakistani occupying forces began a new offensives in Kohlu area of Kahan, two women and a child were wounded due to aerial bombardment in Doi Wadh region of Kahan whereas the ground forces of Pakistan destroyed the livestock of innocent residents of Kahan town and adjourning areas.
May 2011
1st May, SIBI: Pakistan army whisked away Tangai Marri, a resident of Sibi. He was abducted while travelling to Harnai in public transport. The bus was stopped on a military post where Mr. Marri was arrested.
2nd May, Windar: Pakistan army besieged the village of Marri Balochs in Windar area of Balochistan and abducted nineteen members of a family, including women and children. According to the local residents of the area, more than a dozen vehicles of Pakistan army were present in the search operation, which lasted for several hours, they didn’t find anything from the houses of the villagers. They abducted nineteen persons from a same family. Women and children were also tortured during the raid.
Those who were abducted by the Pakistani forces also included three women, five little children, and an 80 years old head of the house. The names of the abducted Baloch: Ahmad Khan S/o Peeran Marri, Shabo Marri, Rahmdil Marri, Pisran Ahmad Khan Marri, Zaman khan Marri, Nadir khan Marri, Kareem Baksh Marri Pisran Bangul Khan Marri, Rasool Baksh Marri, Noor Khan Marri, Pisran Kahor Khan Marri, Fazal s/o Lashkari Marri, Wazeer Khan s/o Miroo Khan Marri and Nazar Marri.
4th May, Sibi: Pakistani forces started an offensive crackdown against Marri Baloch people in the adjoining areas of Sibi town of Balochistan. Five more Baloch were arrested in the joint operation by FC (Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force) and Pakistani Army.
According to details around 20 Vehicles of Pakistani security forces carrying FC and regular army surrounded the houses of Marri Baloch people near Sibi on Tuesday Morning. They carried out a house-to-house search. They took away all the valuables.
The forces took away two tractors, four motorcycles and money of the Baloch farmers. Apart from loot and pillage the forces e also arrested four Marri Baloch; the arrested people have been identified, as Wahzdel S/o Delwash Marri, Basham S/O Delwash Marri, Lala S/O Baji Marri and Mohammad Baksh Marri – all of them are farmers and labourers.
Meanwhile another Marri Baloch namely Attur S/O Mureed Marri was arrested from Naadi Gaj FC check post. Sources reported that Attur Marri was going from Sibi to Sangaan in pulic transport when security forces stopped and arrested Mr. Marri.
8th May, MASHKAY: Pakistan Army arrested fifteen (15) innocent Balochs and set several houses on fire. Two people were also injured when forces open indiscriminate fire at a group of people working in their farms.
According to the details, Pakistan army carried out an offensive operation in Mashkay, where the number of security forces was increased in last few days. Residents of the area (eye-witnesses) reported that the occupying forces burnt the houses of Lal Bux Baloch, Amar jan Baloch and a shop of Ghulam Mustafa Baloch in Gajjar area of Mashkay. The locals stated that the foreign occupiers chopped off a hand of one Baloch youth and arrested fifteen injured Balochs. All the arrested people were taken to an undisclosed location.
In a separate incident the FC injured two Baloch farmers when they open indiscriminate fire on a group of people working in their field in Shariki region of Mashky.
8th May, GAWADAR ZERO POINT: Pakistan army abducted another Baloch Muhamad Azum son of Haji Mehrab while he was on his way from Turbat to Karachi from Gwadar Zero Point.
10th May, KUCHLAK: Two more bullet-riddled bodies were found near Kuchlak area, the bodies were identified as Akhtar Muhammad Langov and Abdul Ghani Langov residents of Kili Jumma khan. The bodies bore signs of severe torture and indicated the barbarity of Pakistan army.
10th May, SUI: Pakistani forces raided the areas of Sui and broke into the houses of the locals, Pakistani forces then abducted more than 10 innocent Balochs and transferred them to an undisclosed location.
12th May PANJGUR, KHUZDAR AND QUETTA: Bullet-riddled dead bodies of five Baloch missing persons were recovered from Panjgur , Quetta and Khuzdar district of the Balochistan in a single day.The mutilated bodies of Sattar Baloch, Safeer Baloch and Agha Abid Shah were found from Panjgur.
The mutilated body of a member of Baloch Students Organization (Azad), Tariq Karim Baloch, was found in Quetta.
The fifth bullet riddled body of the Baloch missing person was found from Rabia Khuzdari road and was identified as Mohammad Jan S/o Bilal Ahmed, who was abducted few days back by the Pakistan army from Khuzdar.
According to the details, Dr. Agha Abid Shah, a former vice chairman of the Baloch Students Organization Azaad (BSO-A), Abdul Sattar Baloch, a government schoolteacher and Safeer Baloch, all three natives of Panjgur, were whisked away by personnel of Pakistan army nine months ago from Panjgur town. Their bullet-riddled dead bodies were found in Panjgur. The local sources reported that it seemed that the victims had been killed a month ago before being dumped in mountainous parts of Chitkan area, as the bodies were badly decomposed. Members of the missing persons families recognized the victims by their clothes and shoes.
Tariq Karim, an activist of the B.S.O. Azaad was whisked away along with two other friends by the personnel of Pakistani intelligence agencies from Gulistan-e-Johar, karachi, on 21st October at 4am. It should be noted that previously Pakistan army killed Tariq Karim’s younger brother Asim Kareem in custody for raising voice to release his brother from military captivity. His brutally tortured body was found on 31st October 2010, he was also a member of B.S.O. Azaad.
12th May, MAKRAN: Pakistan army launched a massive operation against the innocent Balochs in the areas of Zamuran , Balgatar, Nasirabad and Hooshab. The forces searched each and every house of the residents and the military personnel harassed people.
13th May, KHUZDAR: Bullet riddled body of another Baloch was found from Ferozabad district Khuzdar. The body was taken to the District Headquarters Hospital for autopsy where deceased was identified as Dil Jan s/o Faiz Mohammad, resident of Mashky. “He was brutally tortured before killed,” hospital sources said. A local police official said the identity of the deceased was ascertained through a slip found in his pocket.
Dil Jan along with 14 other Baloch youth was abducted during a house-to-house search operation in Mashky on 8th May (See 8th May, Mashkay). The fates of thousands of other innocent Baloch, who are in the custody of Pakistani Intelligence agencies, remain unknown.
13th May, MAKRAN: Pakistani military in collaboration of Iranian army started a new offensive against the innocent Balochs in the areas of Bulaida, Balgatar and Hoshab. The military forces of both countries used gunship helicopters and other destructive weapons for bombarding civilian areas.
13th May, SIBI: Pakistani military has commenced another major operation in the area of Jaladi. Many innocent Balochs were abducted and taken into custody.
14th May, SIBI: The military offensive launched in the area of Sibi continues; according to sources, the occupying forces have abducted 11 innocent Marri Balochs and set the stocks of wheat on fire.
Pakistan army also bombarded and opened indiscriminate fire on local population due to which thirteen people were severely injured.
18th May, GWADAR: The resident of the Balochistan’s coastal town of Gwadar, Mr Arif Baloch was threatened by Pakistani security forces to hand over his younger brother to them otherwise entire family will face dire consequences, his younger brother being a minor is a student in a school.
21st May, MAND:Personnel of Pakistani forces raided the house of an innocent Baloch named Yousaf and abducted three Balochs, Najam Yousaf, Hanif Yousaf and Masood.
23rd May, TURBAT: Pakistani forces raided the house of Muhamad baksh Jagoo Baloch and abducted his two brothers Master Qadir and Khalid Tailor and nephew Mazar Baloch.
24th May, MURGAAP: Pakistani atrocities continue as two other Balochs were killed under illegal custody of Pakistan army; they were identified as Khalid Baloch and Ahmed Baloch.
25th May, MURGAAP: Pakistan’s torture murder strategy continues in Balochistan as other two young Balochs Abid Saleem and Mehrab Umar were killed by the intelligence agencies in their illegal detention cells. They were abducted on 23rdJanuary from Panjgur along with their two other friends Abid and Nasir. Abid was also killed But Nasir miraculously survived the torture and bullet wounds.
25th May, PANJGUR: Bullet riddled body of abducted Hameed Baloch was found in the area of Gwargo, he was whisked away by the military intelligence agencies of Pakistan on 13th of December 2010 while he was on his way to Panjgur from Quetta; after a long time in the illegal cutody, he was killed and dumped as many other Balochs.
26th May, KHUZDAR: Bullet riddled body of abducted Jamal Khan Baloch was found in the area of Khuzdar, his body bore marks of torture, he was a resident of Mashkay.
28th May, NOSHKI: Personnel of Intelligence agencies abducted Zakria Jamaldini from his house after a raid in Noshki, Balochistan.
29th May, KHARAN: Pakistani military death squad abducted Nasir Dagarzai along with his brother while they were on their way to Quetta for Nasir’s treatment. Nasir was previously abducted by the military intelligence and was shot to die but he luckily survived.
29th May, PASNI: Pakistani police launched illegal arrest warrants of political activists who were not involved in any type of violence in Pasni, meanwhile the police raided a compound and arrested two innocent persons who were not engaged in any activity.
30th May, GAWADAR: Personnel of Pakistani Intelligence agencies abducted another innocent Baloch identified as Ramzan after a raid on his house early in the morning.
31st May, PASNI: Pakistan forces launched an offensive on the innocent residents of Pasni. They tortured many of the residents and raided several houses and shops and looted the valuables of the innocent Balochs. People who protested against these actions were taken away by the forces including a policeman named as Arif Baloch, whereas all together six people were arrested without any reason except for protesting against the vicious behavior of the occupying forces.
June 2011
1st June, PASNI: 9 more innocent Balochs were arrested. The security forces also abducted Bohair Abdi from his house during a raid; the children and women were harassed and beaten up by the forces. The arrested were taken to unknown place.
1st June, DERA BUGTI: Pakistan army started a crackdown in Dera bugti and arrested 20 people.
2nd June, QUETTA: The death squads of Pakistani state killed a well-known professor, intellectual, author and Baloch nationalist teacher Saba Dashtyari in Quetta. Professor Saba was previously being threatened of dire consequences if he continued advocating the freedom movement in Balochistan. As other son’s of Baloch motherland, Prof. Dashtiari choose death over silence against the atrocities of Pakistan and the occupation of Baloch motherland.
3rd June, UTHAL: The atrocities of Pakistan continue as Pakistani forces killed two Balochs Ahmed Marri and Tariq Baloch who were previously abducted by Intelligence agencies. The victims were torture murdered and their bodies bore signs of severe torture, their bodies were thrown in Uthal, Balochistan.
5th June, PANJGUR: Pakistani forces raided the house of Baloch intellectual Manzoor Izzat. The personnel of forces harassed the women and children in the house.
10th June, QUETTA: Pakistani forces abducted Abdul Rehman Marri from Quetta while he was on his way to home on public transport. His whereabouts are unknown.
12th June, SARAWAN: Iranian forces opened indiscriminate fire on a car in Sarawan area due to which a Baloch youngster was wounded. He later succumbed to his wounds.
18th June, TURBAT: Pakistan forces opened fire on an innocent passerby Abdul Malik Baloch, a resident of Mand, while he was on his way to home from Turbat city. He died on the spot.
18th June, SIBBI: Pakistan army abducted Shafi Baloch along with his friends while he was on his way to Mastung, Shafi Baloch was the Central Joint Secretary of Baloch Students Organization Azaad.
19th June, PANJGUR: After an assault on Pakistan army by unknown persons in Panjgur, Pakistan army opened indiscriminate fire on the innocent Baloch present on the scene, due to which four people including two children were killed. The forces then arrested more than a 100 people and also took their vehicles with them and broke the shops and looted them.
19th June, KHUZDAR: The bullet riddled and tortured dead body of abducted Nadeem Mosiani was found from the Khuzdar, his body bore signs of brutal torture; He was murdered under illegal detention of Pakistani Intelligence agencies.
20th June, HUB: The bullet riddled and tortured body of Karim Bux Marri was found from Hub. He was abducted by personnel of Intelligence agencies. He was torture murdered under illegal detention.
21st June, BESEMA: Pakistan army raided house of Martyred Hamid Baloch with intentions to demolish the house but the interference of the local Balochs compelled the forces to withdraw.
22nd June, BESEMA: The aged father of Shaheed Hamid baloch was tortured by personnel of Pakistani and was threatened to be killed if he did not hand over his other son Khalid to Pakistani forces.
24th June, BOLAN: The Central leader of the Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad), Mr. Shafi Baloch’s mutilated dead body was found from Bolan area and shifted to his ancestral town of Sibbi for burial. Shafi Baloch was abducted by personnel of Pakistani forces on 17th June, 2011 near Lakhpass area of Mastung district.
24th June, KOHLU: Pakistan army abducted four more Baloch students, from Kohlu, Balochistan. They were transferred to an undisclosed location.
24th June, JAFFARABAD: Personnel of Pakistani Intelligence agencies killed Rustum Khan Marri in Jaffarabad district of occupied Balochistan.
26th June, MASTUNG: Pakistani forces began an offensive in Mastung and killed a Baloch and arrested 6 other innocent Balochs.
27th June, HUBCHOWKI: Pakistani forces abducted Elahi Bux Bugti and Shah Murad Bugti while they were on their way to Hub from Karachi near Hub River Bridge.
July 2011
2nd July 2011, GADDANI: Pakistan continues the kill and dump policy in Balochistan, as yet another Baloch is killed in Pakistan’s military torture cells, where he was detained for one and half years. According to the details the tortured bullet riddled body of Abdulghaffar Langove was found from the coastal town of Gaddani, Balochistan. Abdulghaffar Langove has been abducted from a hospital in Karachi on 11th December 2009, where he was attending his wife.
4th July 2011, TURBAT: Noor Bux was abducted by The Pakistani army from his residence in Turbat city of Baluchistan. He was later found dead on a roadside after 11 days of his abduction. (See also 15 July)
5th July 2011, PASNI: Two more bullet-riddled bodies of missing Baloch youths were found from Sur area of Pasni on Monday. The bodies were shifted to the Turbat Civil Hospital where they were identified, one being an activist of the B.N.F., the victims were 30 years old Dubai Baloch, son of Noor Ahmed a resident of Mand and 20 years old Hafeez Baloch, son of Nusrat a resident of Tump. Both of the victims had received three bullets each in the upper parts of their bodies, which had caused their instant death, hospital sources said. Both the victims had been abducted by Pakistan Army.
A Baloch activist named Khalid Baloch was abducted by Pakistani military. The incident took place in Nalent area of Pasni while he was on the way to Gwadar from Pasni.
6th July 2011, TURBAT: Pakistani Army launched an operation in the surrounding areas of Tump town. Three Balochs have been abducted and shifted to an undisclosed location. Nothing else is known about the victims.
7th July 2011 BALOCHISTAN: Four more bullet-riddled and mutilated bodies of Baloch missing persons were found from different areas of Balochistan including Pasni, Turbat and Khuzdar.
PASNI: Mutilated body of Hanif Baloch, who was a former zonal president of Baloch Students Organization-Azad in Pasni, was found alongside Coastal Highway in Chakli area, some 60 kilometers from Pasni town.
TURBAT: Bodies of Azam Baloch and Mehrab Baloch were found in Turbat. They had been picked up by the Pakistani Army on 6 May 2011, from a passenger bus en route to Karachi from Mand Balochistan.
KHUZDAR: The fourth body was found in Khuzdar. Levies force was informed that a body was lying in Kanak area of the town. The body was shifted to Civil Hospital Khuzdar, which was later identified as of Qadeer Baloch, a resident of Awaran district, with the help of a chit found in his pocket mentioning his name, his father’s name and his place of residence.
10th July 2011, LORALAI: Two dead bodies of Baloch missing persons were recovered from the Maikhtar area of Loralai district. According to the Levies force official, on being informed they spotted a site and evacuated two decomposed bodies, after identification they have been recognized as Habibullah Marri and Wazir Khan Marri, both being residents of Kohlu.
Habibullah Marri was arrested from Oryani region of Kohlu on 22 June 2010, whereas Wazir Khan was abducted two days after Habibullah. It’s pertinent to mention that Habibullah Marri was arrested by Pakistan along with two other university students who are still missing.
12th July 2011, BALOCHISTAN: A Balochi Language poet has been abducted by Pakistani army as well as two dead bodies have been found in Balochistan.
TURBAT: A Balochi language poet was abducted by Pakistani army from the Turbat town of Balochistan.
KHUZDAR: Two bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch youths were recovered from Khuzdar area of Balochistan. According to the sources a paper was recovered from a victim’s tortured bullet-riddled dead body mentioning the victim’s name as Muhammad Wazir, son of Sadiq Muhammad, a resident of Panjgur. While the other dead body is not yet identified.
14th July 2011, TURBAT: Two Balochs were abducted by the Pakistani army from Turbat. Hafeez Balouch and Master Saleem were both picked up from their homes. Master Saleem was later found dead in Turbat. (See also 24 July 2011)
15th July 2011, TURBAT: The bullet-riddled body of abducted Noor Bux was found along the road side in Turbat town. He was abducted by Pakistan army on 4th July from his home.
16th July 2011, CHAMALANG: The Pakistani army has started a massive operation in the surrounding areas of Chamalang in Balochistan. The forces carried out this operation by bombarding the houses of locals, and by opening indiscriminate fire on the residents, which resulted in 9 deaths of local Baloch population, including 3 children and 2 women.
PASNI: A Pakistani soldier opened fire on a mentally ill person in a public place, which resulted in killing the person instantly. It is said that the person cursed the army for being on his motherland.
17th July 2011, QUETTA: The Pakistan Army murdered three Balochs in its illegal detention cells and dumped their dead bodies in the mountains of Quetta. The victims were identified as Murtaza Sarpara, Nasir Badini and Maqsood Qalandrani.
18th July 2011, QUETTA: The bullet riddled body of Nasir Dagarzai was found in Quetta, he was “re abducted” while he was on his way to Quetta for treatment. He was murdered by the forces of Pakistan in their illegal torture cells.
19th July 2011, CHAMALANG: Pakistani army bombarded Chamalang area of Balochistan using fighter jets. As a result 5 Balochs have been killed.
23rd July 2011, KHUZDAR: Pakistan’s intelligence agencies opened fire on four Balochs in Khuzdar. The victims could not survive the wounds and died at the spot. One of the victims has been identified as Jumma Kahan Raisani.
24th July 2011, TURBAT: Pakistani Army murdered Master Saleem Baloch in under custody. He was abducted by the army officials on 14th July 2011 from Turbat. Master Saleem’s bullet riddled body was found along the road side in Turbat.
31st July 2011, UTHAL: Pakistan Army killed two Balochs in their detention cells, and dumped their dead bodies along the road side. They were identified as Zaman Khan and Sharbat Khan who were abducted three months ago from Uthal Balochistan.
August 2011
2nd August, Quetta: Two Baloch children were killed in a bomb blast which is believed to be planted by the Pakistani Army. The army abducted 6 members of the victims’ family when they asked for the dead bodies of their loved ones.
5th August, Khuzdar: The Pakistani army shot dead a Baloch political worker, Yasin Zehri, while he was setting near his home in Khuzdar. It is worth mentioning that Yasin’s younger brother, Zakria Zehri was also abducted and killed by the Pakistani army previously.
A Baloch political worker, namely Omer Baloch was abducted by the army on the same day. His whereabouts are unknown.
6th August, Kohlu: Pakistan’s military forces launched an operation in Munud area of Balochistan. They opened indiscriminate fire in a busy market place, due to which a Baloch man was severely wounded.
On the same day another man, namely Abubakar Baloch was abducted from Gwadar zero point by the Pakistani army.
10th August, Hub Chowki: Bullet riddled and mutilated dead body of previously abducted Meran Marri was found in the Perr Kas area of Hub. He was abducted by the military forces of Pakistan, and after 14 days of unlawful detention he was shot bullets in the head, which caused his immediate death. His dead body was found dumped on a road side in Hub Chowki, Balochistan.
Whereas in Quetta, a Baloch activist namely Wazeer Khan Marri was abducted by the Pakistani military. His whereabouts are unknown.
11th August, Quetta: Pakistani military force started a massive operation against the innocent Baloch Population in the areas of New Kahan, and arrested 60 Balochs. The Pakistani soldiers have also looted the valuables from the houses.
12th August, Balochistan: Pakistan’s military forces and intelligence agencies launched a major operations in several areas of Balochistan including: Sui, Pat Feder, Gopat and Gadi. More than 600 Balochs were arrested and taken away.
13th August, Turbat and Khuzdar: Two Baloch activists were abducted by the Pakistani Army. Karim Baloch was abducted from Turbat and Balach Baloch was abducted from Khuzdar by the forces.
15th August, Khuzdar: A well-known Baloch journalist namely Munir Shakir was shot dead by the Pakistani army while he was on his was to home in Khuzdar.
16th August, Quetta: Pakistani military forces raided the house of Humayun marri and harassed the family members and children.
On the other hand, the Pakistani army surrounded the valley of New Kahan. Their behavior was very offensive towards the local Baloch population. The locals were not allowed to move in or out of their houses, which created difficulties for patients and children. They were left without basic medicines and other necessities of life.
17th August, Turbat: The Baloch football players were severely tortured by Pakistani military personnel’s while they were playing their tournament match in Turbat.
18th August, Gaddani: Rashid Baloch, a political activist was abducted by the Pakistani army from Gaddani. His whereabouts are unknown.
19th August, Mastung: Pakistani army continues the kill and dump policy of Baloch political activists in Balochistan. Six Baloch political worker’s mutilated dead bodies were found from Mastung and Hub Chowki. The dead bodies in Mastung have been identified as of Tariq Baloch, Mehmood Baloch, Hamid Baloch and latif Baloch. Their bodies bore severe torture signs.
Whereas two other dead bodies have been found dumped in Hub Chowki, their names are not known.
20th August, Pasni: Pakistan Army murdered two Baloch political workers in their illegal detention cells. The dead bodies of Khalid Baloch and Sajid Baloch were found along the road side in Pasni. Sajid Baloch was abducted six months ago from Jiwani and Kahlid Baloch was abducted one and half month ago from Nalent.
September 2011
9th September, Quetta: Pakistani military launched a massive operation in Baloch populated areas of Quetta and arrested many local Balochs. This crackdown was done after an attack on Frontier core which was claimed by Taliban, but due to the strong connections between Taliban and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, innocent Balochs were abducted to report arrests in the media.
10th September, Khuzdar: Khalil Baloch’s mutilated dead body was found from the area of Suni Khuzdar. Khalil was a political worker and was abducted by the Pakistani army in August and after severe torture he was shot dead by the military.
12th September, Mastung: Pakistani military continues its brutal atrocities on the Baloch people. Youth Kaleemullah Baloch was killed during the illegal detention and his dead body was found in the area of Mastung. His body bore signs of brutal torture. He was shot dead.
The Pakistani army abducted another two Balochs. Jawed Naseer A well-known Baloch journalist along with his friend Samad Baloch were abducted and shifted to an unknown location.
13th September, Gwader: Pakistani military arrested five laborers, who were busy making a living for their families. The locals in Gwader live in despair while the occupational forces see it as a business opportunity.
20th September, Khuzdar: Ghafoor Rodinii’s dead body was found from Khuzdar. He was abducted by the Pakistan military from Hub, and was kept in custody. His dead body bore signs of severe torture.
24th September, Pasni: Pakistan army abducted three young students while they were on their way to Quetta from Pasni. They were abducted near Shadi Kaur. Their names are Zahoor Baloch, Arafat Baloch and Musadiq Baloch.
26th September, Ormara: Pakistan army abducted yet another well-known poet and social worker namely Shakir Shad, while he was on his way to his home. He was shifted to an undisclosed location.
27th September, Mand: Pakistan Army raided the house of previously Martyred Baloch leader Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, and harassed the women and children of the house.
28th September, Quetta: Pakistan’s military forces badly tortured two political activists named as Munir and Hashim Baloch. They were both arrested and taken away after the public beating.
29th September, Khuzdar: Political activist Abdul Salam Baloch was shot dead in Khuzdar while he was on his way to home from office with his 8 year old daughter, She was also badly wounded and could not survive the wounds. This barbaric act was carried out by military personals in civil dresses, as the witnesses could easily identify them with their vehicles, the type of weapons they were carrying and according to the witnesses they were continuously communicating with a head on a wireless while murdering the unarmed civilian and political activist.
30th September, Harnai: Pakistani military started a massive operation in Harnai area of Balochistan. More than 50 Balochs were reportedly abducted and shifted to unknown locations.

October 2011
1st October, Dera Bugti: Pakistan’s military forces initiated a fresh operation against the Baloch populated areas of Zamuran and Nazu Soori. In which the forces unleashed their brutality against the Baloch people, harassing women and children and severely injuring two Balochs for showing resistance on the lootings of the valuables by Pakistan army.
Meanwhile in Pasni Four young Balochs were abducted by the Pakistan Army near a Levis check post. They were taken to an unidentified location.
3rd October, Balochistan: Pakistan Army abducted a Baloch doctor named as Wazeer Marri, and was taken to an undisclosed location. The series of enforced disappearances being carried out by Pakistan has Doctors, Social Workers, Teachers, Students and Political activists as its major “preys”.
5th October, Khuzdar: Pakistan Army shot dead a political activist in a midst of a busy area. The army opened fire on a political activist namely Saeed Soz, causing his death on the spot.
6th October, Murghaap: Dead bodies of two enforced-disappeared Baloch youth namely Kareem Baloch and Arafat Baloch were found dumped in Murgaap area of Turbat Balochistan. Arafat was abducted on 24th September.
8th October, Pasni: Pakistan Army abducted Zubair Zahid Baloch, a student and a political activist. He was abducted by Pakistan army from Pasni Balochistan.
10th October, Khuzdar, Pasni and Hub: The bullet riddled bodies of two Baloch activists Ghulamullah Baloch and Wahid Baloch were found in the area Of Khuzdar. They were previously abducted by the military of Pakistan. Both were shot dead and their dead bodies were dumped on the road side.
Similarly in Pasni, bullet riddled bodies of two young Baloch activists including Sameer Rind and Abdul Mutalib were found dumped. Both the victims were previously abducted by the Pakistani military. They have been kept in secret cells until their dead bodies appeared dumped on the road side.
Two Baloch activists have been abducted by Pakistan army from Hub Chowki town of Balochistan. The names of victims are Faraz Naseem and Omid Ali.
11th October, Khuzdar: The dead bodies of Shafi Baloch and Rashid Baloch have been found dumped in Khuzdar. Both were political activists and have been previously abducted by Pakistan army.
15th October, Quetta: Pakistan army abducted Qadir Baloch, a political activist along with his son Adil Baloch. During a raid on their house. Qadir’s brother Ameer Bux have been previously killed by the Pakistan army.
Meanwhile, Dr Mazar Baloch a well-known Doctor, was gunned down in Quetta by agents of Pakistani forces. Dr. Mazar was a pro independence Baloch.
17th October, Quetta: The relatives of Baloch missing persons have been threatened by the people identifying themselves as officials of Pakistan army, to end their hunger strike camp set up outside the Quetta Press Club.
23rd October, Quetta: Pakistan Army abducted the brother of a Baloch political activist Aziz Marri. Marri’s brother was suffering from diseases and his treatment was going on but the Pakistani army raided his house and abducted him.
24th October, Kalat: Pakistan Army continues to target Baloch intellectuals. Advocate Qayum Langov along with his two friends were wounded in a targeted assault by Pakistan Army.
26th October, Sarawan: Iranian security forces attacked a passenger Vehicle near the city of Saravan and set it ablaze, due the fire one person died on the spot whereas another was seriously injured. The baseless boundaries drawn between Pakistan and Iran have parted thousands of Baloch families from each other.
29th October, LasBela, Awaran, Kalat, and Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army abducted yet another Baloch political activist named Khair Bux Baloch while he was going to Las Baela from Jhaoo. He was forcefully dragged into a car by Pakistan Army and was then shifted to an un disclosed location.
Awaran: Pakistani military intelligence abducted another two Balochs Meeran Qambar and Pollen Shahdad, they were both taken to undisclosed location. From where none has come out in good health and most of the victims die while facing the inhumane torture.
Kalat: Two Balochs have been abducted from a hairdresser shop in Kalat.
Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army launched a massive military operation in the surrounding areas of Dera Bugti. The crops were set on fire by the Pakistan army and the military personnel’s abducted 6 local Balochs.
30th October, Naseerabad: A Bugti tribesman was killed in a firing by personnel of Frontier Corps Balochistan. Local witnesses explain that the tribesman was innocent and the Pakistan army opened fire even without any provocation.
31st October, Karachi: The military of Pakistani army raided the office of a Baloch Abdul Ghaffar Shambezai, they raided the office with four military vehicles and forcefully abducted Abdul Ghaffar and shifted him to an unknown location.
November 2011
1st November, Mach: A massive Military operation was carried out in the adjacent areas of Mach, Bolan. Several hundred Pakistani troops were deployed in the area, equipped with sophisticated long range missiles and other weapons. The areas of Marghat, Degari and Peer-Ismaeel were surrounded by the Army vehicles and troops.
3rd November: Bullet riddled and mutilated bodies of eight Baloch political workers were dumped in different areas of Balochistan by Pakistan army.
Abdul Samad Tagrani’s martyred body was found from the area of Khuzdar, he was abducted by the Pakistan army from Hub Chowki.
Guhram Khalid’s martyred body was found in the market of Turbat tied up in a sack. He was brutally tortured to death.
Khayam, a young Baloch who was previously disappeared by Pakistan army, was murdered and his body was dumped along with Guhram Khalid in Kech, bearing severe signs of torture.
Two bullet-ridden bodies were found from different parts of Pasni. The first body was found abandoned in Kappar area of the coastal town, which was later identified as that of Mulha Bux son of Ibrahim. He was a resident of Nalyt area of Gwadar. The second body was found in Cahlunk region of Pasni town. The body was identified as of Zubair Zahid Baloch son of Bashir Baloch. He was a resident of Pasni and had been abducted on October 8, 2011 while he was on his way to Pasni from Gawadar.
The bullet riddled bodies of Faraz Naseem s/o Ulfat Naseem and Omid Ali were found from Windar area of district Lasbela. Eye-witnesses said that bodies of both victims bore clear signs of torture and bullet wounds on their heads. “The bodies bore multiple marks of torture. The bullets passed through their skulls,” family sources confirmed. Faraz Naseem and Omid Ali were abducted by Pakistan’s Para-Military forces in broad day-light in front of scores of people on 10 October 2011 from industrial town of Hub in Balochistan.
3rd November, Dera Bugti: Pakistan army raided the houses of locals in Dera Bugti and thrashed and tortured the family members of Lateef Jan Bugti. Women and children were severely tortured to make them speak about Lateef Jan Bugti’s whereabouts, resulting in seriously wounding the sister of Lateef Jan, Pazo Bibi. Pazo Bibi, due to not being allowed any medical aid by the army bled to death.
5th November, Khuzdar: Pakistan military silenced another voice of Balochistan, Jawed Naseer Rind, a Baloch Journalist, Columnist and member of a pro-independence political party, Baloch National Movement (BNM). He was murdered under military custody and his body was dumped in the Gazki Chowk area of Khuzdar.
6th November, Kohistan Marri: Pakistan Air Forces heavily bombarded the areas of Chappar, Aandhari, Marri Boohdi, Kachi, Makhmaad and other areas of Kohistan-e-Marri. Resulting In a death of an infant and injured two other children. More than a dozen Marri Balochs have been abducted and large numbers of their livestock were killed.
7th November, Mand: Abductions of Baloch youth continues by Pakistan army. Another four Balochs were abducted from the area of Mand, their names are Abdul Rehman Hooth, Idrees Hoth ,Rashid dadullah and Shah dost. They were abducted in front of several witnesses, according to the witnesses; the abductors came in official Army vehicles.
12th November, Khuzdar: The bullet riddled body of a Baloch doctor, Ahmad Marri, was found from the area of Khuzdar. He was abducted and detained by the Pakistani intelligence. He was inhumanly tortured and was shot dead and his body was dumped on a roadside in Khuzdar.
13th November: A massive operation was carried out in several villages throughout Balochistan. Local reports said that Pakistan army indiscriminately used bombs to create fear among the local populace. This butchery resulted in severely wounding several women and children.
15th November, Panjgur: Personnel’s of Pakistan army raided the house of a political activist named Kifayat Baloch, but he fortunately survived from becoming yet another soul in traumata.
20th November, Kuchlak: Three brutally tortured bodies of Baloch missing persons have been found from two different areas of Balochistan. The body of Fida Bugti, a young Baloch student, was found from Kuchlak. Mr Bugti had disappeared three days ago from Quetta. The other two bodies were beyond recognition due to extreme torture.
21st November, Pasni: The tortured dead bodies of two Balochs, Abdul Khaliq and Zahid Hussain Baloch were found dumped on the road side in Pasni. Both were previously abducted by the Pakistani army. The bodies bore severe signs of torture.
23rd November, Chamalang: The Pakistan army launched a massive operation in the area of Chamalang. The forces set ablaze the crops in the area, which are the only source of income for the local population and viciously tortured, threatened and humiliated the locals.
24th November, Turbat: Two dead bodies that had been found in the Aap Sar area of Turbat two days before 24th, were identified on this date as that of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Central Information Secretary Jalel Rieki and Baloch National Movement (BNM) activist Mohammad Younus Rieki. Jalel Rieki was abducted by Pakistan Army in the year 2009 and was kept under military custody for 1040 days. Whereas Younus Rieki was abducted by Iranian forces and was later on handed over to Pakistan army. Both the bodies bore severe signs of torture.
26th November, Kohlu: Pakistan army abducted another Baloch named Wazeer Rieki from Mashkel town of District Kharan in Balochistan. According to the reports, Pakistan army abducted Wazeer Rieki on 25th November during early morning hours. Wazeer Reki was on his way back to Mashkel Town , when unknown plain-clothed armed men in official Army vehicles stopped him and after checking his Identity Card, they took him away with them. According to the eye witnesses the abductors also beat Wazir Rieki severely while abducting him.
27th November, Kohlu: Meer Gul Khan Marri, a Baloch political worker, was abducted by Pakistan army in broad daylight from Kohlu. He was taken to an unknown location and his fate too joins the fates of several other Baloch political workers being tortured in Pakistan’s secret torture cells.
30th November, Quetta: Yet another mutilated and bullet riddled body of a Baloch youth was found in the area of Quetta, who was identified as Sallem Baloch. He was abducted by the army of Pakistan. His body bore severe torture signs
December 2011
9th December, Pasni: Iranian Naval forces opened indiscriminate fire on a fishermen’s boat in Jevani area of district Gawadar, in Balochistan. According to the details, on the day of Ashura (a religious occasion when dominant Shia sect of Iran offer sacrifices of their blood), Iranian Naval forces attacked a fishermen’s boat in coastal area of Jevani in Baloch gulf. As the result of firing, four Baloch fishermen died on spot while two other sustained serious bullet injuries. The Iranian naval forces took away the dead and injured Baloch fishermen along with them to coastal town of Chabahar, a port city in Iranian Occupied Balochistan.
11th December, Turbat: The military forces of Pakistan murdered a Baloch teacher who was with his family. He was followed by intelligence personals and was riddled with bullets in front of his family. The family who saw the teacher bleeding to death was not left with this traumatic sight only, rather the forces choose to humiliate and harass the family members before leaving the site.
12th December, Karachi: Faisal Mengal, a Baloch employee of Germany’s Hanns Seidel (HSF) Foundation was shot dead by Pakistan army in Karachi. Where he was working on a project focusing on the political rights and deprivations of Baloch people.
The 35-year-old Mengal was a program coordinator at the HSF, an NGO that promotes democracy, peace and development and is funded by the German ministry for economic cooperation and development.
13th December, Quetta: Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Vice President Mama Qadir Baloch issued a statement that he was continuously being threatened by Pakistan army for raising the plight of Baloch enforcedly disappeared persons.
13th December, Khuzdar: Pakistan army murdered 3 Balochs belonging to the same family. They were abducted by the forces and after severe tortures their mutilated dead bodies were dumped on road side. Two of them were brothers named, Sanaullah Ameer Buksh and Ahmed Ameer Buksh, while the third one was their close relative named, Allah Buksh Baloch.
15th December, Quetta: Deen Muhammad Bugti was killed by Pakistan army in Saryaab Road Quetta, his body was riddled with bullets. A Baloch identified as Sher Marri was abducted by personnel of Intelligence agencies.
20th December, Hub Chowki: Another bullet riddled body of a Baloch youth found from Balochistan’s industrial town of Hub. The brutally tortured body was shifted to the Edhi Center in Karachi. Later the victim was identified as Sher Nar Marri by his family members and they then took his body to Quetta. Sher Marri was abducted in the evening of 15th December 2011 from Karachi by the Pakistan Army, when he was going to the market on his motorbike. The bullet riddled body of Sher Marri found on the third day of his abduction from Baracks road in Hub.
27th December, Murghaap: Yet another bullet riddled body of Baloch missing person was found, dumped in Murgaap area of Turbat in Balochistan. The mutilated body was identified after an autopsy, as Ghulam Qadir, son of Doshamby, a resident of Nasirabad, Turbat. Qader had been kidnapped from his house in Nasirabad, a few months ago. “The victim was shot in the head and chest, causing instant death,” doctors at the hospital said.
Master Ghulam Qadir, a tailor by profession, was abducted on 19 June 2011 along with his older brother Khalid Hanif and nephew Mazar Baloch from their home in Nasirabad area of Turbat. The bullet riddled body of Khalid Hanif was found on 21stJune, while Noor Baksh Baloch an ambulance driver working with health department in Nasirabad area of Turbat, was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies on the midnight of 4 July 2011 from his house in Nasirabad and his bullet riddled body found on 13th July from Meeri area of Nasirabad region near Turbat.
28th December, Uthal: The bullet-riddled body of a Baloch missing person was found in Liari area of sub Tehsil Uthal district of Lasbela on Wednesday. The body was identified as 30 years old, Sikandar Ali Bugti s/o Kamalan Bugti resident of Vindar area of Lasbela. The Mutilated body bore severe signs of torture. He received three bullets, two in his head and one in his chest. He was previously abducted by Pakistan army, and his death occurred under military custody.
28th December, Mach: On the same day another bullet riddled body found from Mach, Bolan. According to the sources, the body was found near Bibi nani area of Mach, and was shifted to the local hospital, where he was identified as Abdul Qadir s/o Noor Mohammad, a resident of Aabgam area of Mach. There were bullets fired on his chest and he was severely tortured before being murdered. He too was under Pakistan army’s custody.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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