Sri Lakan Diplomacy: Getting Hammered one by one

Sri Lanka’s strange international relationships getting hammered one by one.
| by Our diplomatic correspondent

(December 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka took pride that it was able to thwart the claims of its traditional friends in the west and play the game of confrontational politics in the international front, is now facing on-going pressures. The new friends of Sri Lanka at the critical time in its history are the states, individuals and organisations that are considered a mooted group that are facing pressures from all directions over several international issues.
Western nations have still not applied sufficient pressures on Sri Lanka. But Sri Lanka knows such pressures will start building after the release of its much awaited LLRC report. The little nation is running like a wild goose at present.
All started with the end of Sadam Hussain’s regime in 2003. Though the end of Sadam’s rule was during President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s time, Iraq was one of the major trading partner of Sri Lanka whilst the international sanctions were imposed against Iraq.
The post war Sri Lanka saw draw backs that should test the nerves of the island nation.
End of the regime of good old buddy of the island nation Maumar Gadaffi is a strong message Sri Lanka cannot ignore. With the financially constraining world, oil rich reclusive states are easy prey and Sri Lanka has to face the consequences when such states become partners in its anti-west conduct.
The decades old friend of Sri Lanka Dr Liam Fox had his exit from frontline politics following revelations of his incomprehensible dealings as the Secretary of State for Defence of the British government is a noteworthy event this year. With him millions of pounds contract of the Bell Pottinger, the international good name builder of potty setups got further tarnished as a unprincipled money craving organisation.
Now in the battle front is the Sri Lanka’s unassailable oil and gas rich friend Iran. The international pressure on the country has reached a crucial point which will have some form of negative outcome for the Ayatholla’s state. Though the scale of international response will not be in the scale of Iraq or Libya, the reclusive Iranian state will have to face with abundance of pressures that could impact the country.
Following from this this trend what will be the fates of other pariah states that are overtly backing Sri Lanka?
The military ruled Myanmar is slowly emerging out of international isolation. President Thein Sein of said on the latest visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that her visit is a ‘milestone’ and that ‘Your excellency’s visit will be historic and a new chapter in relations’. This message says a lot for Sri Lanka as the relationship with the reclusive Burma is not going to be same in the future.
And the little Maldives, the agent money launderer of Sri Lanka too has come under international pressure on human rights issue this week. How long can this country sustain the considered international pressure on this issue?
Pakistan has become a irritable state that germinate international terrorism is progressively ignoring its long standing relationship with the west. This lethal state which is aligning more with China recently is in the watchful eyes of the international community. China is heavily benefitting from the globalisation of the economies is promoting itself a super state not only in the Asian region but in the international spear. Pakistan is a source for destabilising the region to the extent China’s emerging regional hegemony. When Pakistan will be clipped of its wings will not be anyone’s surprise. Time is fast clicking and serious discontent is simmering amongst its western allies.
Then the master of all these states is China that is playing ping pong by twisting the ball hard to spin. If and when the globalisation become restrictive the copycat country is expected to reversals and the decaying world economy is a worrying sign China must be watchful of.
Sri Lanka is trying very hard to make friends with many third world countries. Realising the need for maximum vote count at the UN General Assembly Lanka, is making some in roads to establish diplomatic and bilateral relationships with some unimportant countries in the world map. Will they be sustainable relationships?
Western nations have still not applied sufficient pressures on Sri Lanka. But Sri Lanka knows such pressures will start building after the release of its much awaited LLRC report. The little nation is running like a wild goose at present. When it will be caught by its feathers to control its space of international relationship is not far-far away. Sri Lanka does not need tomahawk missiles to tow the line. What is needed is a bit of jerking kick on its back and the ball will hit the wall fast and come to its original position.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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