Sri Lanka : 27 inmates were killed by the Govt.! ( Update)

(November 10, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)The death toll from the Welikada Prison riot has risen to 27.

Eleven bodies were found during a search this morning (Nov. 10) said prisons chief P.W. Kodippili.
The bodies of 16 others are already being kept at Colombo National Hospital.
The police, STF and the Army are searching the prison.
Mr. Kodippili said only a few of the 68 T-56 firearms seized by the prisoners from the armory have been found.


Anusha Sonali’s first husband, who led prison riot, also killed
The prisoner riot at Welikada Prison had been led by Malan, a person identified as the first husband of film actress Anusha Sonali.
He, along with seven others, had been killed while trying to make a getaway in a three wheeler.
Drug dealers, including Malan, Kalu Thushara and Ponna Kapila, had led the prisoners during the riot.
Firing the weapons seized by them, which caused injury to the STF commandant and several others, they had attempted to escape, but were shot by the military.
The dead bodies found at the prison have been identified as those of leading drug traffickers.
Around 200 officers are searching for the missing weapons and any more casualties. ( SLM)


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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