(November 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Our web site the and other number web sites have been blocked by the internet service provider Sri Lanka Telecom. It is our understanding that this is due to advice came from the Defence Secretory Gothabaya Rajapakse, who is reported to be in a messy situation due to maintaining close relationship with the Country’s heroin businessmen and underworld gangs – as revealed by the Media recently.
As a result of this blocking updating the website has become difficult.
Our attempts to contact Director General of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Anusha Pelpita, for explanations and comments have been unsuccessful.

However , “we believe that there are two reasons behind this fresh blockage. One is his – the Defence Secretary’s – political keeps going down due to his personal friendship with the country’s heroin tycoon and Member of parliament Mr. Duminda Silva who is prime suspect in the assassination of Bharatha Lakxman Premachandra, an advisor to the President. The second is the crucial verdict of white flag case- to be issued on November 18”, senior officer of the Ministry of Defence informed the Sri Lanka Guardian from Colombo.

We apologize to our readers over this unfortunate situation which has come at a time when we are working towards a new web culture.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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