Sri Lanka Muslims in UK meet to discuss attach on Dambulla mosque

| by Our London Correspondent

( April 24, 2012, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sources close to a number of Sri Lanka Muslim organisations in the UK inform that the Muslims here are agitated over the attack on the age old Mosque in Dambulla and the Sri Lanka Govt.’s move, succumbing to demands from Sinhala-Buddhist extreme elements, to relocate the Mosque in a new site.
Photo: EPA
While there are conflicting reports of some Muslim MPs and Ministers in the Govt. having agreed to the shifting and another group opposing it, the affected Muslims are reported to be in a state of confusion.
The UK based Muslim organisations are to meet during the next few days to decide on a course of action to be initiated including, if necessary, to take-up the matter with UK based missions of Arab and Muslim countries. It should be noted that a majority of Arab and Muslim countries stood in support of the Sri Lanka Govt. on the US initiated resolution on violation of Human Rights in Sri Sri Lanka, and that several Muslim Scholars and Civil organisation representatives went to Geneva to mobilise support of the Arab and Muslims countries in favour of Sri Lanka.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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