Sri Lanka: What is TTv Networks all about!

A disruption, a transformation and definitely an out of the box concept to burst the bubble of monotony in the media industry

( September 15, 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A few words with Mr. Bandula Vithanaarchchi, Managing Director of TTv Networks Pvt Ltd

Q: What is your opinion on the Sri Lanka media and film industry?

A: The current status of industry is quite recognized worldwide, we have managed to garner a prestigious position. As much as we are a tourism hub, how many of us are aware that Indian, Bollywood and Kollywood have entered our country due to convenience of location and it’s highly cost effective too.
But as a matter of fact, it is highly eminent that our standards have not yet reached the highest level for us to be seen as a fully-fledged service provider.

Q: Are we marching on the right path?

A: Absolutely. Look at the number of players out there. All the major stakeholders of the industry are best at what they do. Digital and HD quality commercials and many more are emerging. We are not ignorant. But the pace has to be quickened. The transition process has to be expedited because the world out there are moving at a rate for which we have to keep up. When the demand is out there clearly, why not cater.



Q: Mr. Bandula, What is TTv Networks all about, tell us about it

A: Ttv Networks is a disruption, a transformation and definitely an out of the box concept to burst the bubble of monotony. By collaborating Korean technology, Indian talent and local expertise, what is about to emerge is a one stop facility which is a BOI incorporated entity and will be located in Malabe. Fully fledged studios with cutting edge technology backed by an excellent crew, provided for an exclusive price. This is a platform available to producers, media agencies, corporates. I believe that every client who looks for similar or better services will definitely benefit from this concept.

Q : Can you elaborate on the services a bit

A : The core component is the rental of services; Studio with lights and equipments and if necessary the crew consisting of A camera man, assistant camera man, editor and the live switching facility can be provided. On the whole an end to end solution.

Q: Being a new entrant, do you think you will confront a tough competition?

A: It’s a no brainer. This is a dynamic industry, existing players and new players will always ensure to reach the limelight. Today TTv Networks is an exciting new startup, in no time there will be a few more. But yet how we manage to sustain ourselves entirely depends on the range of services rendered at a highly competitive rate. The standards and quality of delivery cannot be compromised at any cost. As the race keeps going we too need to run along. And competition is a healthy thing. It’s kind of a motivation to understand the dynamics and mold accordingly. A winner never stops.

Q : When are we going to witness this exciting development?

A: We have taken every possible step to progress towards our goal. Our ground breaking ceremony was held on the 10th of August followed by an inaugural press meet on the 16th of August. Construction is in progress and yes we will open doors by Mid November.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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