State Abduction: Dimuthu speaks out (VIDEO)

(April 10, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)
JVP dissident group- Frontline Socialist Party Activist DimuthuAttygala who was abducted and released today said she was blindfolded for two days and extensively questioned of the party activities.

Shortly after her release she told media at the party office in Madiwela she had also been questioned of how the party received funds.

She had been questioned several occasions by number of persons, first alone and later together with Kumar Gunaratnam who was also abducted on the same day. Abductors had threatened her indirectly to give up her politics.

Abdcutershad released her today morning at the party office near, Madiwela.

Kumar Gunaratnam was released last night and after his release he had left the country for Australia


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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