‘Subramanian Swamy says he is anti-LTTE but pro-political solution in Lanka’

( February 07, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Leader of Janata party of India Dr. Subramanian Swamy has told that he is anti-LTTE but pro-power devolution and political solution in Sri lanka. He told this to DPF Leader Mano Ganesan.
The Indian political leader who is in Sri Lanka on a private visit met Mano Ganesan in Colombo yesterday for a discussion.
Media release issued by DPF media office quoted it’s leader Mano Ganesan saying that,
Dr. Swamy is a noted political leader in India. His party is an important ally of opposition BJP. His actions and opinions are always very bold and straight. He had been very much identified with his outbursts on LTTE. Significant in Dr. Swamy is that his opinions contribute to the making of the Sri Lanka policy of India.
He told me that he had been a closest friend of late Indian premier Rajiv Gandhi but a political rival of congress leader Sonia Gandhi. He further told me that, Rajiv Gandhi was to support a political arrangement within an undivided Sri Lanka which would have ensured the rights of the Tamil people. It would have ensured unity of Lanka, Rights of Tamils and Indian interests. But LTTE due to their lack of political maturity murdered him.
But now it is time for the political solution in this current equation where LTTE is no more. He said that he distanced himself from LTTE after the Rajiv killing. But history of LTTE cannot be a reason for the denial of political rights to the Tamils in Sri Lanka today. The Indian regime believes in taking the Srilankan government onto their side by offering concessions. But it is not working. Peace in Sri Lanka is not only in the interest of Lankans but also of India. But peace can come only with a political solution to the national question. He further added that even in north India amidst those who hate LTTE for Rajiv murder, the idea for a fully pledged political solution in Sri Lanka which would ensure the rights of the Tamils and others has gained grounds, today.
I called upon Dr. Subramanian Swamy to support formulating a new Sri Lanka policy of India which would ensure the political solution to the national question, national unity and the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. National unity can be achieved only by accepting the concept of political power devolution. The Indian policy makers should realize that the Tamils in Sri Lanka of both north-eastern origins and Indian origins have contributed to the very emergence and existence of this country. And we rightfully look forward to rational treatment. Tamils had been ignored and marginalized in the name of so called Indian interests. It had occurred since the 1940s when Indian regime looked the other way when the plantation workers were made stateless. This defunct policy should change. We wanted to live with our Sinhala and Muslims brethren peacefully and rightfully. Please help us. It is in the interest of India too.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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