The despicable act of the execution of Rizana Nafeek in Saudi Arabia

| by M. Zulkifli Nazim

( January 11, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is indeed a great gesture by the Government of Sri Lanka, by both the Members of Parliament as well as the Members of the Opposition in observing a moment of silence on the most barbaric, illegal, heartless, despicable, inhuman, coldblooded and insensate execution of Rizana Nafeek, the Sri Lankan Housemaid, by the Saudi Arabian Government.
In spite of several appeals from various people, various organizations including, President, Mahinda Rajapakse, the Saudi Government totally and deliberately ignored these appeals. And quite rightly, in a show of displeasure against the execution of Rizana Nafeek, Sri Lanka today made arrangements to recall its Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ahamed Javad, with immediate effect.
Rizana Nafeek and her family were victims of the 2004 Tsunami and this poor illiterate girl, already traumatized by the Tsunami Disaster went to Saudi Arabia to to eke out a living. The entire background of this poor girl was known to the Saudi Authorities and yet they went about their way of destroying an innocent life, to protect one of their cruel citizens who were the perpetrator of this crime of killing an infant.
It is known from various sources that the crime had been perpetrated most probably by one of the parents of the infant and what better opportunity can anyone have, other than having an illiterate, traumatic girl to be used as a red herring and blame the crime on this poor girl from Sri Lanka.
There is no way that the girl had confessed to the killing, because she does not know any language other than her native language of the village – You can see that it is a plot and cover-up of the crime of the powerful, right from the start.
If they are saying that this is something according to their “Shariah”, let us give them a taste of what the real “Shariah” is like, by narrating an incident that which happened in not so far off times:
During the reign of Amir Abdurrahman of Spain, an Arab sheikh rose to the position of governor of his clan by virtue of his brilliant services to the state. The sheikh wielded immense influence in Cordova. One day the sheikh was sauntering in the garden before his house, when a frightened Spaniard suddenly rushed, fell on his feet and was begging for protection. The sheikh pulled him up by his hand and inquired of the reason.

The man said:
O Sheikh, I had a quarrel with a man in the street. I lost my senses in anger and struck him on the head. It was shocking to me that the man dropped dead then and there. His companions chased me and I was fleeing for my life when I found the gate of this garden open. and I ran in here. O Sheikh they are still in hot pursuit – please grant me your protection and save me. with this the Spaniard fell at the feet of the Governor. The sheikh pulled him up again by his hand and said “you are safe here.”
He then took him into a secret room in the upper portion of the house and locked the door from outside.
When the sheikh returned he saw a large and excited crowd already in his garden with the dead body of a fair, young boy.
As soon as he saw the body, the sheikh gave a loud shriek and sank to the ground. – the murdered young man was his only child.
a person among the crowd said: O sheikh a violent wayfarer has committed this murder. we gave him chase and we missed him. We saw him come running this way and disappeared.
The Sheikh was quite certain that the Spaniard who sought refuge with him was none other than the one who has murdered his only darling child. The crowd made a thorough search of the garden for the culprit – and finding no clue – they went away.
The Spaniard refugee heard and saw all this he felt that his death was imminent and waited in his secret cell in the deadliest terror.
The dead body was washed and duly buried. In the midst of the heart-rending wails that filled the house of the sheikh, no one knew when the sad sun sank into the sorrowing dusk – no one knew that the murderer was in their own home – except the sheikh. The dusk darkened into night and the night grew deeper and deeper.

Exhausted by the weeping of the day, the inmates of the house gradually fell into deep sleep. but the eyes of the sheikh knew no slumber. Long past midnight, the sheikh rose from his bed, silently went to the cell and unlocked its door. The Spaniard was certain that his end has come.
He saw the inmate – the Spaniard trembling in fear. The Sheikh addressed him : “Friend, you have nothing to fear – you are my guest – I gave you my word that you are safe. Here take this for your cost of food and fare and leave this city at once., for I know not what the others will do if you get caught.
With tears of unspeakable gratitude in his eyes, the man looked up to the sheikh – nodded a salaam and hastily, went away.
[ Source: Manazil Adab – Meaning The Dignity of Decency]

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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