The new face, fronts, features & functioning of the LTTE*

(* LTTE= Lifting Tamil Talent Everywhere)
| by Subramaniam Masilamany
(November 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Please allow me to read a comment I made to the LLRC report before I proceed further:
Oh Justice! how smart you are, you do not leave any one out, you grind slowly but for surely, The way you are deliberating in the Sri Lankan affair will be an eye opener to all tyrants and all law breakers that you leave no one felon out and no one friend in. You take your time, but you deliberate well and mete out the punishment even including myself who is so remote yet for my part in the conflict, you mete out sentences ranging from social service to the electric chair, you have meted out me this community work for my prostitution of my moral duty, I accepted your verdict but I am waiting for verdict on the people who will be on the electric chair. Oh Justice! I am frustrated by your slowness but I am fascinated by your acuteness, I hope Mahinda Mama and Gothabaya Malli read this eulogy so that they can prepare themselves for the inevitable Day of Judgment. Mahinda mama, these are days of reckoning before the days of judgment. You are assured that you can postpone it as long as you need and as long as you want but you cannot change the judgment, I do not know what the judgment will be; but if I am in your position I know what will be the judgment against me, Electric chair. That is the difference between my parents and your parents.
Subramaniam Masilamany
Today is November 27th an appropriate day for this topic.
The former LTTE was a response to the violent behavior of the Singhalese majority. Though they are a majority they behaved like minorities. Then our plea with the United Nations and the International Community did not produce any response either. In this situation the Tamils did not have any choice and have to arm themselves to defend them. Do we need the armed LTTE anymore? No, now we have globalized our struggle, UN is on the right side, International Community is on our side, and we have a huge rich and powerful Diaspora. We can achieve our freedom without even one bullet being fired or a drop of blood split and not a single life lost
The old LTTE was a response to the stupidity of the Southern Mafia and LTTE was seen as threat to the Mafia cartel than to the Singhalese culture and Buddhist religion, but the mafia took it and spinned as racial and fanatical issue and drove the nation into the dungeon. Even now the military cost is ever increasing. Why?
Peace has to come everywhere in the world, for number one there is no advantage to anyone from armed struggles and the nature of weapons are so invisible that who possesses them and who used them will be difficult to identify. There are no super powers by force but will be by consent and contentment. The borders are irrelevant, governments are redundant, people are emancipating on their own and a new formless world is emerging and we Tamils are in the midst of it. The concept of United Tamil Nation is not an illusion but an imagination that is taking shape. The connecting force and cement of this new world are the absolute moral values. I have friends at various levels of education, experience and age; we connect no matter what it is. There is competition as to who gives more and who helps more etc. That is the world we want for all people all over the world, not war, famine and strife, not even a word of strain. We all simply connect. That is the Utopian world some people live and other people wait for.
Compare the world we live, my friends live, I live and then we watch on TV the struggle around the world. Why? Who are these people on the streets, what are their concerns etc. The simplest solution to the complexity is total freedom to people; people are looking for that leadership to emerge, people are looking for those mesmerizing words, pure, unadulterated, sincere and genuine. This week topic based on this background.
A man who kills people to satisfy another people is neither a king nor a savior of a nation of people. He is an aberration in the divine genetic composition of the human soul adulterated by some mutation in the hereditary, pedigree and linage. A king or the Minister or the Leader must have absolute respect for human life for he is a servant of the people. Even if one single person suffer or struggle that leaders must be ready and accept responsibility for such a crime. We human have evolved to such moral level and we are enlightened enough to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. When human minds have advanced to this height how do we have tyrants, criminals, drug dealers, mafia, murderers, rapist, widow makers, wife killers in power? In Sri Lanka where there are people who can be totally oblivion to murders, killings, crimes and stand on the podium and shout about what is right and what is wrong. How can a man stand on the podium like a criminal at a murder trial and say unto the world I am the savior of the people. Something needs correcting and some people need counseling. It is not the audacity of hope but the audacity of murderers attempt pull wool over the world. Today is 27th November 2011 and a man who stood for the birth right of the Tamil people was called a terrorist without any deliberations and that is where the world went wrong. Everyone knows what was wrong and who the criminal was. To sanitize a criminal and subjugate a freedom fighter is where the world went wrong, and the price of that willful sin is coming. No man should be frightened of another man and no man should ever threaten and demean another man for we are all part of the divine whole, I feel the connection in my soul and in my bones. I guess someone is trying to rewrite and defy the unalterable laws of the universe.
The President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, and his brother Gothabaya Rajapaksa keep on saying that the LTTE is alive, growing and becoming a global threat. Well some people and some nations may believe in it to cash in. I think they are right, the LTTE has assumed a new form, structure, mass, velocity and force. It may be called Lifting Tamil Talent Everywhere, though some people like to call it Lifting Tamil tide everywhere.
It has assumed a formless form, that is it has no structure, no hierarchy, no leaders, no officers but a very formidable force. It has acquired the American psyche of individual freedom, individual form, individual character, individual strength and independence. Every Tamil worldwide is encouraged to be his own master of his or mistress of her own destiny. There is zero social cost hence all resources reside within the individual. Most of them are professionals, large numbers of them are entrepreneurs accumulating and acquiring the shares of the world market. They are now poised to buy up most of the global assets when the debt crisis deepens and pull down the asset values, if there is any. When one owes 90% of the asset value, when the asset value drops below 90% there is zero value left and the holder of the security has no choice because he or she is leveraged too. Tamils get ready for it. It is coming, may be Sri Lanka will be on the auction block. An unprecedented potato blight is coming. There is no cure for this potato blight! We have been telling our Tamil friends to stay cash for a minimum period of 3 months. China will wake to eat cheap plastic good for breakfast and Indians will be munching electronic bytes. End of Paul Kennedys rise and fall of the empires, there won’t be any more empires to fall.
There is a very little or complete lack of political leadership in the world. And because of this, around the world in many nations the money is the leaders and in some nation like Sri Lanka crime and terror are the leaders. What the world need is political leadership and no one wants to step in fill that void. Where are the Kennedys, Thatchers, Nehrus and Clintons gone? Political leadership has become such a daunting task that no one wants it any more.
I was listening to the educated, emancipated and enlightened people of the Sri Lankan establishment, particularly my dear friend Gothabaya Rajapaka. I was indeed intrigued by the fear in his face and the hardness of his voice to feel he is terrified of the guilty conscience. When I watch, see and listen to the Rakapaksa clans I see disturbed children from a dysfunctional family. Gothabaya the most unwise among the clans spoke of preparing the world for LTTE, while the LTTE is working with the world. There is saying that ‘To a distraught man every faint image at a distant look like a ghost” when you are born in insecure, disturbed, disputing and dysfunctional family you grow up insure and the only way you see and solve problems are through violence. Why one child born in kind loving family grows up to become the kindest and friendliest man and another child born in an insecure family becomes a criminal and murderer. Another saying is, a child grows up picking of value from its parents, right or wrong, both are right”. I will give my assurance to Gothabaya Rajapaksa that not a single bullet will fly from north to south and not a drop of blood will be spilled to nourish drug dealers. There was, is and will never be any terrorism is Sri Lanka, not definitely from Tamils. Let me tell you something about Tamils that will put him and other at ease. Our tradition, our culture and our nurture and our nature does not condone or advocate violence. This every Singhalese and the rest of the world must understand and accept from us. But I have the right to defend my home and self esteem from any intruder or invader. That right is mine, no one has the right to deny me that right, and those rights no one even take it away from me. That is what exactly the American constitution says and that is what Viktor Frankl told the German Gestapo. The right to bear arms in self defense is deeply written in the American Constitution.
There was never any terrorism among Tamils, that we Tamils are willing to defend that statement anywhere in the world. But they will soon call us financial terrorists. I am sure the Singhalese people will like to hear that so that they can justify why things are too expensive and why their children do not have vocation. That is what all politicians do. As Barack Obama said what gain do you get calling some one a terrorist and unleash deadly force on them? Talk to them and try to understand them and then let them understand you. There should never be any dispute but dialogue and discussion. No one gains any thing even if they spend one nano-second or one word of discord. There is absolutely no benefit to any one. Sometimes the best way to deal with an unreasonable enemy is to just ignore him. It will be our waste of God given life, time and energy. They will never reform why waste our time.
There is little advice to my Singhalese brethren, you were fooled by your own leaders or I call them Mis-Leaders who took you on a wild goose chase. Ask yourself this question did your life is any better since the British left you 60 years ago. You destroyed yourself, you destroyed the Tamil community and what did you gain? Let us assume let bygones be bygones, what are you doing now? You are keeping your criminals in power, who are they? They are drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, criminals and plunderers, wife killers and widow makers, bandits and barbarians. Why would a nation keep a criminal in power?
You either elect the UNP criminals or the SLFP criminals, they are all the same, that is why we Tamils left Sri Lanka, maybe we lost a little bit of marginal real estate, that can always be bought back, but we kept alive one of the best socio-economic culture alive. It is a system that other great cultures praise, upholds and some even marry into our families. One western man quipped, in our culture two people marry, but in your culture is a marriage between two families and some time two villages. Amazing isn’t it? The kind of synergy it brings!
Mr.MahindaRrajapaksa, sorry why do I keep calling him mister, I should be calling him Murdered Mahinda Rajapaksa. Murderer Mahinda Rajapaksa talks about his Chinthanaya, I mean thoughts, and I don’t think he even has any clue about what he is talking. When he is seen in company of Yakadaya the serial killer and Duminda Silva, a drug leader and criminal and then talk about building a morally sound nation he is obviously displaying his ignorance or taking the nation to be totally ignorant.
The old LTTE was a response to the stupidity of the Southern Mafia and LTTE was seen as threat to the Mafia cartel than to the Singhalese culture and Buddhist religion, but the mafia took it and spinned as racial and fanatical issue and drove the nation into the dungeon. Even now the military cost is ever increasing. Why? If the war is over and the Tamils have reconciled with the nation, there should not be any military presence. How can numerically smaller minority community respond to physical threat form a numerically larger majority community? India saw LTTE as a threat to itself, if 1.25 billion people are threatened by 2.5 million people; there must some other forces behind the Sri Lankan Strife. Let’s keep that reason for some other time.
Today Tamil have a pivotal role to play, the stage is right, the situation is improving and we are assimilating the greatness from other communities and culture, we are learning new languages and new philosophies, we are occupying positions to offer our help to the world so my brothers and sister walk with you head high and move like a pro. Pay attention to your self, your family and friends, education and enlightenment, employment and entrepreneurship, investment for the future and community building, and social responsibility and sustainable development and progress. You are endowed with the timeless elegance of that refined culture. Be universal in character, the earth takes water from where it is abundant and give to where it is needed. To know the universe is power and to harness the power of the universe is power by itself. To live and to make life are two different things, some are born to create life while some are born to live, that differentiate humans from rest of the universe.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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