The Official Languages Commissioner J.D.C.Jayasinghe is a Rapist

| by Darshani Wimalasuriya
( November 12, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) J.D.C Jayasinghe alias Javigodage Don Charles Jayasinghe also known as Muddaragama Kukul Charlie was accused of raping a young woman named Maldeniyage Priyadharshani from Minuwangoda in 1999.Maldeniyage Priyadarshani was a young girl who worked in a garment factory in Katunayaka. She was young, attractive and naive. She was struggling to overcome the poverty and dreamed of having a better life for her and for her family. When she met J.D.C. Jayasinghe a senior officer attached to the Ministry of Health in 1999 Jayasinghe promised her to find a government job in the Minuwangoda Hospital. She was overjoyed and highly enthusiastic about the new job in a government hospital -working as a female sanitary laborer. J.D.C. Jayasinghe boasted his contacts at the Health Ministry and promised Priyadarshani that she would be getting the job soon. Maldeniyage Priyadarshani was convinced that this kind gentleman, a fatherly figure was going to help her and find a pensionable government job. One day he asked her to come for a job interview and took her to a hotel room and then forcibly raped her. Her world fell apart and she could not face neither the family nor the society. Her dream of becoming a bride and to have a loving family , a good job was destroyed by a sexual predator.
After the rape J.D.C. Jayasinghe avoided Priyadarshani and even threatened her. The girl took a bold decision to go to his native village Muddaragama – Mirigama and meet the Garama Niladhari Mr S. A Jayathissa. She told her everything and made a complaint against the rapist J.D.C. Jayasinghe. According to some eye witnesses she had given him a written statement about the incident. The Garama Niladhari was not helpful. He was indifferent and asking her to drop the charges against Jayasinghe. Some of the Muddaragama villagers who were present at the occasion say that the Grama Niladhari even told Priyadarshani Kalu Gala Oluvaghaganna Eppa – do not smash your head against a rock.
Priyadarshani was disappointed and realized that the Garama Niladhari Mr S. A Jayathissa was not going to help her, then she decided to go even further . She wanted to lodge a complaint at the Mirigama Police Station. Miss Maldeniyage Priyadarshani did not know that the Garama Niladhari Mr S. A Jayathissa was a close associate of the rapist. The Grama Niladhari constantly discouraged her going to the Mirigama Police Station. But she was determined to press charges. While she went to the Police Garama Niladhari Mr S. A Jayathissa contacted J.D.C. Jayasinghe and told him about the girl and her intentions. The perpetrator immediately used his civil and political contacts. When the girl went to the Mirigama Police the The officers were harsh to her and did not want to write her complaint. She had no alternative and she left the Police Station with utter humiliation.
After this incident J.D.C. Jayasinghe constantly threatened her and she could not even go to work. She was cheated and raped by J.D.C. Jayasinghe and he was intimidating her. She had no option and she decided to commit suicide. On the 2nd of November 1999 Maldeniyage Priyadarshani consumed pesticides and died at the Gampaha Hospital. Her life was savagely consumed by a monstrous man who showed a decent face to the society. After her death J.D.C. Jayasinghe took extreme actions to neutralize the witnesses and erased every trace of the rape.
Some witnesses who knew the incident and the complaint that she made to the Garama Niladhari -Mr S. A Jayathissa urged him to come forward and do the justice for the late Maldeniyage Priyadarshani. But the Grama Niladhari was supporting the rapist throughout. When J.D.C. Jayasinghe came to know that a few villagers of Muddaragama tried to go against him he severely warned them not to get involved or give evidence against him. He even told them – Vadiya dangaluvoth Kassipu case ekkakata patalavala umbalava rimand karavanava – I will fix you people for an illicit liquor charge and remand all of you.
Mr P. Pathiranage and Mrs Kamalini Wijthilaka of the Centre for Women’s Research (CENWOR) took effort to bring this case to justice but the Grama Niladhari S.A Jayatrhissa refused to give evidence against the rapist or submit the written complaint of Priyadarshani. Hence the case was closed. The rapist went free.
Our investigations revel many facts about JDC Jayasinghe. The Muddaragama villagers call him Kukul Charli for his notorious drinking habits and sexual predation. There were many complaints against him and recently the Principal of Gampaha Rathnavali Balika Vidyalaya Mrs Hema Jayawardane informed us that she had to confront with Mr JDC Jayasinghe when he inappropriately touched a young school girl at the college premises. The Principal Mrs Hema Jayawardane had warned Jayasinghe for touching a school girl with sexual intentions and reprimanded him. This incident was reported by the Ravaya newspaper. But a Politian from Gampaha district intervened on Jayasinghe’s behalf and no action was taken against JDC Jayasinghe.
In addition to these allegations Mr JDC Jayasinghe was charged with financial fraud when he was attached to the Ministry of Environment says Mr Rathnadasa Millawitiya – a former senior office of the Ministry of Environment. According to Mr Rathnadasa Millawitiya following these financial irregularities and drinking alcohol in official hours the Minister Mahinda Wijesekara disgracefully removed JDC Jayasinghe from his ministry. Mr Millawitiya further says that regardless of these wrongdoings JDC Jayasinghe was able to survive in the Public Administration following the political backing. Recently J.D.C.Jayasinghe has been appointed as the Official Languages Commissioner.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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