Treasure hunting – a lucrative pastime, post war

( May 06, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Over 500 incidents of illegal treasure hunting have been reported in the last three years, police sources said, adding that this number is miniscule in comparison to the number of undetected instances of treasure hunting, island wide.
“The overall number is much higher and most of the big heists are carried out by those with political backing,” said a reliable police source.
Ninety two cases have been reported in the first four months of 2012 while 220 cases were reported in 2011. In the year 2010, the number of cases reported was 294.
The number of treasure hunts rose markedly, consequent to the end of Ealam War IV, and have been conducted in archeological sites that are under the control of the security forces.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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