Two Pakistani Christian kidnapped in Karachi.

( February 29, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Two Christian kidnapped on gunpoint in country’s largest city of Karachi sources said. Two Pakistani christen were working for a South Korean run hospital in Karachi police said. Kidnapping common in Pakistani by criminal for ransom is relatively a common tragedy. Kidnapping foreigners can be a particular target in Pakistan for foreign aid and development workers five had gone missing in Pakistan since last August..
Four armed men stopped a car taking the employees to work in the western neighbourhood of Orangi, local police station chief Sabir Khan told AFP.
“They asked the occupants: ‘Who is Korean among you?’ They replied ‘none of us’,” the police officer said.
“However they snatched two hospital employees – a computer operator and an administration assistant. Both are members of the Pakistani Christian community, and fled in a car,” he said.
No foreigners were in the vehicle that was stopped, Khan said.
“We have sent teams to track down the kidnappers and recover the staff members,” he added.
The hospital is run by a South Korean charity, Khan said. Korean doctors work at the hospital and live on the premises, the policeman said.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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