Two provincial elections to be announced soon.

Chandrakanthan to be kicked-out in the East and Chandrahasan to be backed in the North
| by Our Special Correspondent in Colombo

( April 08, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A source close to President Mahinda Rajapakse confirmed to the Sri Lanka Guardian that the President has decided to hold the Provincial Government elections for the Eastern and Northern provinces at a set space.
Official announcement for elections will be made by the President after the Sinhala-Tamil New Year on the 13th April 2012.
According to the source, the government is planning to hold the election for the Eastern province first in three months time and Northern election is said to be planned for December 2012.
The President is said to be displeased with the Chief Minister of Eastern Province Sinnathurai Chandrakanthan well known as Pillaiyan and the government minister and the former LTTE colonel Karuna Amman too is putting pressure on the government to oust him at any cost. Pillayan is expected to face relentless campaign against him and the process has already started to work with the accusation that he is involved in the desecration of statues in Batticaloa including that of Mahatma Gandhi.
The election for the Northern Province is delayed to create a better situation for the government backed candidate to win. Though the government favoured the Minister and the paramilitary leader Douglas Devananda, it feels that a non-militant candidate could help boost its stake in the election. It has now decided to back the controvercial Chelvanayagam Chandrahasan instead. Chanrahasan is the son of venerable Tamil leader Late S J V Chelvanayagam. Chandrahasan has already taken steps to return to Jaffna from India where he was exiled since 1983 due to the war and has started to refurbish his ancestral home in the military controlled zone around the Palaly camp.
The Sri Lanka Guardian source said the President believes that hyphened electioneering in the two provinces will help mitigate the pressures from the international community.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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