Two young Baloch students killed

( 01 March 2012, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) Two young Baloch students were gunned down today in broad daylight in the district Khuzdar of Balochistan. Abdul Waheed Baloch (who turns 20 today) and Salman Baloch (21) were on their way home from a cell phone franchise when they were intercepted and shot dead by alleged gunmen of Baloch Musalla Diffa Tanzeem, a death squad operated by Pakistan’s ISI to target kill and abduct the creams of Baloch society. To date, they have extra judicially killed scores of Baloch activists, striving for independence. Abdul Wahid was the younger brother of Kabir Baloch, who went missing on 27th March, 2009 and is still in custody of Pakistani agencies.
It is worth mentioning that the Pakistani establishment is double dealing with the Baloch nationalists. On one hand, they issue daily statements pleading Baloch leaders for reconciliation and on the contrary are abducting and murdering the Baloch intelligentsia on a regular basis. The time has come for the international community and humanitarian organizations to intervene in Balochistan and put an end to the Pakistani state’s brutalities against the indigenous Baloch populace.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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