UN RESOLUTION: Statement by Maldives

 Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives, to the United Nations Office at Geneva
Statement by H.E. Ambassador Iruthisham Adam , Resolution: A/HRC/19/L.2, 19th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council, 22 March 2012
Thank you Madam President,
( March 23, 2012, Geneva, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Maldives is a close friend of Sri Lanka and its people. We understand better than most the scale and the severity of the armed conflict which divided the country for so long. The Maldives and Maldivians have been directly affected by the conflict – both in Sri Lanka and through mercenaries who invaded the Maldives in the 1980s.
We thus understand the trauma that the violence has caused to the country and its people, and that it will take time to rebuild.
The Maldives understands that in order to rebuild, there must be accountability for all violations of human rights committed by all sides in the war, and justice and redress for victims. It is also important to look forward, to promote reconciliation for all Sri Lankans and to create a better, fairer and more equitable society.
The Maldives believes that the LLRC report sets a framework for securing this .steps. We also note the Sri Lankan authorities’ stated commitments to implement the recommendations, to secure accountability for violations, to strengthen democratic institutions and to devolve power to the provinces.
As a Member of the Council, the Maldives has consistently promoted accountability for human rights violations, and country-led reforms strengthen human rights protection. However, we believe the resolution before us is not was necessary at the present juncture and that Sri Lanka should be given the time, space and support it needs to implement the LLRC recommendations.
The Maldives continues to hope that in the future, Sri Lanka and the wider international community can work together in a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation. After all, it is clear that we all want the same thing: namely a strong, prosperous and united Sri Lanka.
We therefore will vote against the resolution before us.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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