VBMP protests for safe recovery of missing persons in Karachi

| by A Special Correspondent in Karachi

( March 12, 2012, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Voice for missing Baloch persons VBMP namely an organization protested against the recovery of bullet riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons and human rights violation in restive province Balochistan. Rally urged the UNO including Human rights organization to take notice against human rights violation in Balochistan. The rally started from Karachi Arts Council, which was attended by a large number of families of missing persons, including women and children. Participants were carrying photos and play cards of those Baloch who had either gone missing or dumped.. Participants while addressing to the large rally urged the united nation organization to take serious notice against human rights violation and extra-judicial killing of Baloch in hands of Pakistani security forces. Participants in rally chanted slogans against Pakistan army and chanted the slogans of free Balochistan. Rally participants extremely chanted the slogans against Pakistan army and states atrocities against Baloch. Abdul Qadeer Baloch; the voice chairman of VBMP while addressing to the participants said” We have no trust on Pakistan and its institutions aim of protest is just to draw the attention of international community toward Baloch.”
Abdul Qadeer Baloch urged the human rights watch, UNO, Amnesty international and human rights organizations to take immediate and serious notice against Pakistani state barbarities toward Baloch nation. He asked the international community to pressurize Government of Pakistan to stop abducting Baloch people. He said Baloch has declared their independence.
There were no TV channels for covering this rally instead of BBC Urdu and a Balochi TV channel, Local newspapers and their representatives were present in a very low numbers.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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