VBMP vice chairman arrested in Karachi then released

| by A Special Correspondent in Karachi

( February 24, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Voice for Baloch missing person’s vice chairman arrested in front of Karachi press club today in the late evening when he was leading the protest launched against extra judicial killing and abduction of political workers in Karachi, sources told us. Qadeer Baloch, father of Martyerd Jaleel Reeki has been on strike for more than three years for missing persons in Balochistan. According to the sources Mr. Qadeer was shifted to TRR police station in Karachi after illegal arrest. Latest sources told after some hours he was released.
Mr. Qadeer for three years has been peacefully protesting in Karachi, Quetta and Islamabad against illegal abduction of Baloch people in hands of Pakistani security forces Voice for Baloch missing persons is a peaceful organization who aims to work for safety recovery of Baloch missing persons. According to VBMP sources today more than 14000 people from various cities and town of Balochistan are gone missing for years. VBMP claims more than 400 Baloch youth including students, political workers, lawyers and journalists bullet riddled bodies were found dead at various cities of Balochistan.. VBMP including other pro independence parties blame ISI, frontier corps and MI for illegal abduction of political workers in Balochistan.They say frontier corps whisk the Baloch youth ISI backs them.It should be remember that Abdul Qadeer Baloch himself has also been the victim of states barbarity whose young son Jaleel Reeki was also abducted by security forces in late 2009 whose bullet riddled body was found dead in outskirt city of Balochistan on 23 November 2011. People say arresting Abdul Qadeer Baloch in Karachi press club may be a threat for him to give up his activities; however sources from Karachi told Qadeer Baloch was released after some hours but VBMP sources didn’t confirm that.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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