War crimes inquiry against Sri Lanka

Why should the Central Government of India keep mum?
| by Naam Thamizhar Katchchi
Translated by L.Annadoure
( March 04, 2012, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) As the Human Rights Council at Geneva is deliberating on a draft resolution at the instance of United States of America, as in all probability a resolution pressing for action against and holding Sri Lanka accountable and answerable in having been perpetrated war crimes and genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka is about to be moved within a short span of time , the Indian Government has not announced publically its stance on the issue of accountability for the war crimes and the Genocide against Tamils and such a stoic silence on the part of the central Government creates doubts and suspicions.
Sonia Gandhi – File Photo
A couple of days ago, while answering the questions posed by reporters , the special Representative Mahinda Samarasinghe answered in categorical terms that if any accusation is brought against Sri Lanka on the issue of war crimes India would vote against such a resolution and it would support Sri Lankan Government and not alone that, he continued to state, Indian Government has assured Sri Lankan Government that it would vote against the resolution and defeat it and that the Sri Lankan Government is 100% sure about India’s support.
Since neither the Indian Government nor its permanent representative in the Human Rights Council has taken any objection to such a statement as has been spoken by Mahinda Samarasinghe, the stand of the Indian Government raises serious doubts and suspicions. Soon after the war in 2009, when issues of war crimes and crimes against humanity was raised before the Human rights Council at Switzerland, Switzerland and other Nations wanted to hold Sri Lanka accountable for the war crimes but the Indian Representative Gopinath Achangulankre had voted in favour of Sri Lanka and thus the resolution came to be defeated. India must explain to its people whether it has any scheming designs to save Sri Lanka at this critical moment.
Tamils in Tamil Nadu is a part of Republic of India and Tamils’ uterine brothers and sisters numbering more than 1,75,000 had been killed in Sri Lanka by Sri Lankan genocidal regime. Since calculated and deliberate genocide was committed with an intention to annihilate and ethnically cleanse the Tamils from Sri Lanka, the Nations of the world and the Human Rights organizations are urging for justice. This being so, should the Central Government vote against the resolution and act in collusion with Sri Lankan Government then it will become crystal clear that the central Government had conspired and had complicity in ethnically cleansing the Tamil population.
The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navaneetham Pillai has questioned as to why India should hasten to be in the forefront to redeem Sri Lanka when resolution for accountability for the decimation of Tamils in Sri Lanka was moved? Why the truths about the war be suppressed? The attitude on the part of India appears to be so.
Therefore, should the Indian Government oppose such a resolution against Sri Lanka or abstain from participation and voting then it will be evident beyond doubt that India had complicity in the genocidal war and the statement of the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksha that he fought only India’s war against Tamils will become very much true and such a statement will be taken for truth not alone by the Tamil race but by the entire world and the world will look down on India which has to lower its head in shame.
Therefore, Naam Thamizhar Katchci makes a demand that with due regard to and in compliance of the resolution which was passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, India must vote in favour of the resolution which is about to be passed by the Human Rights Council and in pursuance of the aforesaid demand, Naam Thamizhar Katchci has organized a rally in Chennai.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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